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Random thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon

Okay, so the title isn’t clever, but it is accurate:

  • Had a great weekend.  On Friday night, Smoochy and I took Lovegirl to the Fair.  We met up with friends and proceeded to have a great time.  She rode a pony and one ride and declared herself finished!  She loved the funhouse and would’ve spent all night wandering through the maze, looking in the distorted mirrors and sliding down the twisty slide if money and time had allowed.
  •  My youngest brother is being somewhat of an arse.  My middle brother needs to live with him (and his wife) for two weeks while he starts a new job (mid-month) and gets his own place with a few of his frat from college.  The youngest brother initially agreed – they settled on monetary compensation, established house rules, etc.  The next day my youngest brother reneged – “you can’t live here”.  And that is just wrong.  We weren’t raised like that and I cannot comprehend why he will not help our brother out. I have an idea that it has something to do with my sister-in-law, and I know “leave and cleave” and keep peace in the house and all that jazz, but I also know that blood is thicker than water, and he is in a position to help and won’t and I think that is the utmost in triflingness.
  • I took my hospital sanctioned “birthday holiday” on Friday.  I spent the day sleeping late (oh thank you Jesus), getting a manicure, and eating cheese and crackers in the movie theatre while watching “Why Did I Get Married.”  Perfect way to spend my day before joining up with the fam and hitting the fair.
  • I’m beginning to wonder if corporal punishment is really effective?  I don’t beat Lovegirl or anything, a tap here or there, but I’m not sure I like the message it sends.  I actually spanked her for hitting another child – hmmm.  I know “spare the rod and spoil the child”, but I think the Bible was referencing the rod or staff of correction which shepherds used to gently guide their sheep in the right direction – not beat them.  Any thoughts?
  • I bought a pair of shoes yesterday.  For $187.25.  Good googleymoogley.  It’s so hard to find shoes in my size that don’t look like old lady orthopedic shoes that I bit the bullet and bought them, and it’s not like I buy shoes that often, but still – I’m walking around with several utility bills on my feet!  Aaargh.  I’m punishing myself – I decided I will not be buying myself my long lusted after Pumas, I’d just feel too guilty.
  • I’m giving Grey’s Anatomy 2 3 more episodes to get itself together, and then I am giving it up.  I’ve not been impressed by the season thus far at all.  More Bailey, less no Izzy, and Callie whupping Izzy’s arse would be great ways to keep my interest piqued (in case the show’s writers stumble across this entry)
  • I love NB.C’s Biggest Loser
  • It is 4:05, and I’m 5 minutes late leaving work.  I’m out.  More random thoughts at a later date.  Peace.

9 thoughts on “Random thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon

  1. Happy belated Birthday!!! Glad you had a fun time celebrating. The corporal punishment thing is a blanket solution that doesn’t always work for every child. You have to find what works for your child and go from there. Sadly I remember more bad times and beatings from my own childhood than I remember good things. Definitely not a precedent I want to set for my own children but you have to do what works for you.

  2. Happy Birthday! Birthday’s are so much fun. I love to celebrate my birthday the entire month. 😉

    p.s. Don’t feel too guilty about the shoe purchase. 😉

  3. Happy Birthday! I want to see that movie too. Good shoes are worth the money. As for the spanking question, there’s a bit of discussion going on over here about it.

  4. Yolanda – thanks – I really did have a great birthday week! I guess as with all my life’s endeavors, I’m trying to find that balance in disciplining Lovegirl. I don’t want to squelch her admittedly precocious disposition, but I don’t want her to think that she can do whatever with no consequences. Spanking works (temporarily) but I feel awful, timeouts are ineffective, and withholding a treat doesn’t work because she’s so nonchalant, she’s like “whatever.” I want her to grow up knowing that because she is loved, she is disciplined, but not beaten into submission.

    Tanyetta – thanks for stopping in and commenting! I drew my birthday celebration out this year and had so much fun, I’m thinking about making it a tradition from here out. And no worries, I’m over the shoe guilt! 🙂

    Dee – hey there! Thanks for the link, I’ll definitely be heading that way. And the movie really was good. Janet Jackson irritated me slightly, but I guess that’s just my hang up. Hope you get a chance to see it soon.

  5. Happy belated! Sounds like you had a good one. Plus you treated yourself to a pair a shoes that cost more than three of my best pairs. Good for you!

    I’m liking Grey’s this season. Then again Thursday is my cocktail night so it could just be the scotch and 7-up talking. I hate Izzy with a passion though.

  6. Sheena – Thank you so much! Glad you stopped by! I love Monnie’s site – I am there at least 2 or 3 times a day. Peace be with you.

    Keith – Thanks – it was a great week. And I don’t even want to talk about the shoes. One of my most earnest prayers is that Lovegirl inherited some recessive foot gene, and will not end up in the same boat (pun intended) as her parents – I’m a 12A and Smoochy is a 14E! Hmm . . . liquor and Grey’s. Probably make a big difference in the way I’m feeling about it this season. I guess my dislike for Izzy is coloring my feelings about the whole show.

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