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Father, in absentia

Sunday afternoon: 

“Where is Daddy?”

“At work.”

Sunday evening:

“Maybe Daddy will be home when we get there Mama.”

“No honey, he’s working.”

Monday evening:

“Mama, where is my Daddy?”

“He’s still at work.”

And so begins this new phase in our lives.  Smoochy has officially resigned his position with the school district and is on his way to becoming a bona fide truck driver.  Orientation started Sunday night – if all goes well, he will be on the road tomorrow and we won’t see him for a while.  This is definitely going to be harder than I anticipated – particularly in regards to Lovegirl.  I lived by myself for a long time, and while I know that I will miss Smoochy, I don’t have a real problem being “on my own.”  Lovegirl, on the other hand, did not sign up for this and doesn’t endorse it at all.  She is a Daddy’s girl in every sense, and I pray that his training period flies by for her sake. 

This career change is definitely necessary – finances took a hard hit when I lost my job and then found this lower paying one.  Our hope is that after 3 or 4  months away for longer periods of time, Smoochy will have enough experience to get a route where he will be home more often than not and that this time of sacrifice will pad the way for a more stable future for our family.

Lovegirl doesn’t care about any of this – her future education, our retirement fund, vacations we’ll take as a family, rebuilding our savings.  She just wants her Daddy.  And I don’t blame her.


3 thoughts on “Father, in absentia

  1. Girl, I understand, but you’re so right about keeping your eye on the big picture. Loverman and I definitely need more of that on this end. It’s also important to remember that children adapt easily and babygirl will definitely be taking her cues from you.

  2. Oh that’s hard. I am often home with my kids every night because my husband has a lot of meetings. It’s easier when you can ask someone else to help put on pajamas or read a bedtime story. But, we do what we need to do to make things happen. As I always say, it’s better to say hi to daddy on the phone than to be homeless.

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