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3 day weekend!

Hallelujah!  Smoochy had Lovegirl most of today – they ran errands and such.  I slept – long and hard and it was glorious.  Lovegirl woke up around 7, which is late for her.  Smoochy scooped her up and went downstairs where they proceeded to bond over cereal and the D*isney Ch*annel.  I then got her dressed and ready – they left, I slept.  They came home, he put her down for a nap – I slept some more. 

I didn’t get up until almost 3 p.m. – it was great!  I kept thinking about all of the things I could/should have been doing, but decided that I had the opportunity to rest and I was taking it.

 Glorious I tell ya.  Sunday we’ll laze (but not sleep) around and Monday, the preschool will be open – my job will be closed.  Lovegirl will be at school bright and early and I plan on spending the day relaxing, doing a little Christmas shopping, and having an adults only lunch with some girlfriends.

Enjoy your weekend.


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