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Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down


Thumbs Up:  All veterans. Rarely do I agree with our country’s decision to go to war, I am however, always, always supportive of those men and women who fight for this country. Happy Belated Veteran’s Day.

Neutral Thumbs:  Lovegirl has been walking around the house lately muttering “you will learn to be obedient, you will learn to obey.”  Okay – I give.  “Honey, who told you that?”  “Ms. M.”  “Are you being obedient at school?”  “No Mama, I’m not.”  Thumbs up for your honesty, thumbs down for the blatant disobedience! We’re working on this – trust.

Thumbs Down:  Louisiana Representative Carla B. Dartez (D) for referring to one of her campaign workers as Buckwheat – “Talk to you later, Buckwheat.”  Come on lady, what portion of your brain is so heavily damaged and nonfunctional that you thought/hoped/assumed that was anything close to right?  Buckwheat?!?  Lawdamercy.

Thumbs Up:  University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff beat Southern University this Saturday 23/21.  Go Mighty Lions!  It’s been a tough season, and I’m glad that we reigned victorious over the Jags.  Have I mentioned how glad I am that I attended and graduated from a HBCU?  I love HBCU – particularly SWAC – football!


3 thoughts on “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

  1. Lovegirl is a child after my own heart – my child is that honest too, “cammy did you listen to your teacher?”
    Cammy: “No mom, I was doing something else.”

    great. just perfect..

    I may jack you for the thumbs up and down thing – its pretty darned nifty

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