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She tickles me

Sunday night I parted Lovegirl’s hair in fourths and made four little buns on top of her head.  Really cute I think, and she must’ve agreed because she told everybody to “look at my little buns” yesterday. (I sure hope they knew she was referring to her hair!)

Last night:
Lovegirl:  “Mama, are you going to give me four little buns again?”
Nerd Girl:  “Sure honey, I”ll be glad to.”
Lovegirl:  “Mama, I want dreadlocks instead.”

Honey, I’m glad you like Mama’s hair, but that is a decision you’ll have to make later in life, not at the ripe old age of 3!


3 thoughts on “She tickles me

  1. nerd girl, My daughter, Olivia, started asking for us to loc her hair when she was about 2 1/2, maybe 3 and I tried my best to explain to her that having locs is a huge committment and if she doesn’t want them anymore, we’d have to cut them off. Well, she continued to beg and by the time she was four, we locked her hair and she has and loves her locs to this day. She’s really good about allowing me to groom them weekly and most of the time she rocks the heck out of them. In fact, she wasn’t happy with me when I cut mine off. I predict Lovegirl is going to keep asking, and stay firm, but understand that this speaks volumes in regards to how she sees and loves you and how she wants to see herself in your image. Be sure to keep us updated. Be well!

  2. “..this speaks volumes in regards to how she wants to see herself in your image.”

    Wow. Interesting point. I would have never thought of it that way. How beautiful.

  3. Seconding DMB’s point – just wow Mang Mama – I really never would’ve considered that. Thank you for bringing that point to light and a smile to my face.

    Many blessings y’all. Many blessings.

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