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This is my prayer, Lord

I have not been as vigilant with my prayer lately as I need to be.  I am rectifying that immediately.  A portion of my prayer list follows.

  • Jackson State honors student Latasha Norman is still missing.  I pray a miracle for her family. 
  • I pray God’s peace for the family of Sean Taylor.
  • I pray that Smoochy and I are always good parents to Lovegirl and that we are granted the wisdom we need to raise this child into adulthood.
  • I pray for the continued health and well being of my family. 
  • I pray that the spirit of fear, which I sometimes allow to prevent me from doing things that I need or want to do, be released from my life.
  • Smoochy has completed his month-long training where he was driving/riding with an experienced driver/trainer.  I pray for his safety and the safety of all on the road.
  • I pray for the leaders of this nation and of the world. 
  • I pray for my family, my friends, my coworkers, my enemies.  God’s continued mercy and blessings on all.

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