Theology 101

Nerd Girl:  Lovegirl, what are you doing?

Lovegirl:  I’m making three cookies for the Baby Jesus*.

Nerd Girl:  Oh honey, that’s sweet.

Lovegirl:  I might make one for the angel Joseph too.

Nerd Girl:  Honey, Joseph wasn’t an angel.

Lovegirl:  Who is he then?

Nerd Girl:  Jesus’ father.

Lovegirl:  Mama, God is Jesus’ father.  I don’t know who this Joseph person is, I’m not making him a cookie!

*Please know that every time she says “Baby Jesus” I think of one of those silly prayers from T*alladega N*ights and crack myself up! 


Life Lesson #1172

If you’re driving down the street, and your three year old is in the backseat repeatedly saying in a low, soothing voice “look at me, look at me,” you should probably turn around and look.

Otherwise you will miss seeing your “intelligent” child with a straw from a juice box inserted in her nose with a big a grin on her face.


Why would a 40 year old man be able to successfully execute all of the steps to the Soulja Boy

Went to a Christmas party last night.  Had a good time.  But I still don’t understand why these grown folks are up on all the latest dances!

Thumbs up/Thumbs down


Thumbs down:   The ladies at the gym who are wearing loose shorts.  Specifically those of  y’all who take the toning class with me and are exposing your . . . ahem . . . when we do floor work because your shorts are too loose.  Please either change to workout capris/pants or do us all a favor and wear biking shorts under your loose shorts.  Do you have any idea how jarring it is to look up from doing my outer thigh work and find myself  with a very close up view of your scantily clad, or even worse, bare nether regions?

Thumbs up:  To me.  Last night I addressed all of my Christmas cards and wrote out those that will not include a picture of Lovegirl.  Tonight I’ll finish the rest and get them in the mail tomorrow morning.

Thumbs down:  To me.  I’ve been really bad about replying to comments I’ve gotten on this site lately.  For that, I apologize.  I do read them all, I’ve just been coasting along on trifling for a minute y’all.  My bad.

Thumbs up:  To the ladies who host the Mingle ’til Ya Jingle party here in Jxn every Christmas season.  It’s a great time and a (rare) opportunity for me/us to get dressed up, go dancing, and not worry about being approached by random anybodies.  The crowd is mature, mostly married, and fun!  If you’re ever in the area, you should definitely check it out!

Thumbs up:  To the weather!  We’re expecting temperatures around 80 for the weekend.  Don’t hate.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  In addition to the party, weekend plans include taking Lovegirl to a Christmas Parade tonight, and going through a local park that decorates with lots of lights/sculptures and has train rides, pics w/Santa, etc.

Be well.