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Baila Nerd Girl, Baila!


Last night I took a latin dance class at the gym.  Loved it!  I can honestly say, this is the first workout I have ever enjoyed!  I couldn’t hang in the hip-hop dance class, but this is definitely to my liking.  I am so glad that the Y decided to add some new classes to the lineup.  I think one of the reasons people give up on working out is because after a while, the classes just get dull and repetitive. 

And the teacher?  He’s from Nepal of all places!! The man can move.

(Today’s scent, a repeat:  Blackberry Amber, Bath and Body Works)


2 thoughts on “Baila Nerd Girl, Baila!

  1. Keith – it is so much fun, and that’s solo – I can only imagine how much fun it would be with a partner! I’d definitely encourage you guys to take a class or two.

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