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I had a hair appointment this evening.  The stylist was a no show.  I am pissed.  Please reference this post if you are not familiar with the frustrations I have when it comes to beauticians/beauty shops/stylists/insert-your-preferred title here.

And please note that I am not judging the aforementioned profession as a whole.  I am, however, judging those that I encounter with alarming frequency.

 This is the second time that I have shown up for an appointment with this particular young lady only to be told, with quite a bit of nonchalance, “oh, she been gone.”  The last time I didn’t say anything.  I don’t know if I’ll say anything this time. 

Since Smoochy has started driving, my getting to a hair appointment looks something like this:  leave work, pick up dinner for Lovegirl – usually something that ends in “meal” and not the tasty, healthy goodness I prefer her to eat, pick Lovegirl up from school, drop Lovegirl off at her old sitter’s house, drive over to salon.  Go into salon.  Hope that person who does my hair is there.

My time is precious.  I skipped the gym for this.  I left my child in someone else’s care for way longer than I prefer to in one day.  I drove all over the city. 


BTW:  I am still wearing Marc Jacobs perfume.  I may be pissed, but at least I smell loverly!

3 thoughts on “AAAARRRGH!

  1. hey NerdGirl, I used to hate when that happened to me. Especially when I already postpone and postpone and made the appointment because I absolutely needed it. lol

    Does it help to call ahead?

  2. girlllllllll don’t get me started on this! although, she would have only had one time to do a no show.. okay maybe a second time… but that would be the end of our relationship. also, i under estimated the maintenance with locs…… hmmm.. i guess i want hair on my head so it’ll have to be maintained sometime.

  3. Nevemiriam – hey there! Thanks for stopping in. I am going to try calling the day before from here on out – which means no Tuesday appointments for me, but as long as this doesn’t happen again, it’ll be worth it.

    Kia – Honestly, if there were somewhere else I could get my hair tightened up – that did not involve someone’s “home salon,” I’d of already made that move. Yep – the dreads definitely require maintenance. I’m planning a visit to Houston a little later on in the year so that my brother – who keeps his looking good all the time – can show me how it is done, and I can eventually use the shop as more of a luxury instead of a necessity!


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