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Wednesday Hodgepodge

  • Prior planning prevents poor performance.   Never paid much attention to that until yesterday.  I was so glad that I’d planned not to buy any snack food when I last went to the grocery store.  Because yesterday?  I surely would’ve consumed inhaled an entire bag of Doritos in one fell swoop!  My boss was trippin’, her boss was trippin’, Smoochy was on a roll, and Lovegirl was quite proud to tell me how disobedient she’d been at school!  It is hard to eat one’s self into a state of comfort when there’s nothing particularly tasty and tempting in the cabinets or refrigerator.  I ate a handful of croutons.  Didn’t work.
  • What kind of bush does a “liberry” grow on?  I almost had a wreck when Lovegirl told me on the way home that when she grows up, she wants a pink liberry.  Oh no honey, we live in Mississippi, and that’s okay, but we do not say “liberry.”  Ever.  The word is library, and that’s what we say.  Always.  Not going to tell you how many times we practiced “library.”  You’d probably call CPS on me!
  • Just started reading Nelson Mandela’s autobiography.  It’s an interesting, good read, with a nice flow to it, but I think I underestimated exactly how long the autobiography of a man who’d been imprisoned for 27 years would be.  My goal is to finish it this month.  We shall see.
  • I’ve been kicking it up a notch in the ’08.  Wearing light makeup, perfume every day, and miracle of miracles, I wore a skirt to work last week.  I’ve got to say – I like it.  I look more “polished,” have gotten a number of compliments, and Smoochy seems to appreciate the extra effort as well.  These changes don’t really add much time to my daily routine – by light makeup, I mean mascara, powder, and lipstick that I semi-faithfully reapply throughout the day – and are minor enough that I won’t turn into “that” woman.  You know, the one that can’t leave the house/be seen in public without a full face on.  I’ve got a friend like that and it amuses me to no end that she really puts on the works – foundation, concealer, etc. just to run to the grocery store and thinks she looks “funny” without makeup.

Today’s entry brought to you by the scent “Marc Jacobs.”


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge

  1. Whew, when those kinds of days hit, they hit in full force, don’t they?

    I wish I didn’t have any junk food in the house yesterday. But I made myself have to drink a glass of water and eat 20 baby carrots before I could eat any of it.

    I still ate it though! AAGH!

  2. wednesdays.. the mid week slump!

    i’m glad no junk food was around for that either… i know i def would have left and found something.. ehhh

    do tell what makeup prods you feel comfortable with in your ‘polished’ look!

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