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Boot Camp!


I like boots.  I’ve been known to go camping.  I’ve never, however, been to boot camp.  This is about to change.

My gym – the YMCA – is offering a 6 week, women-only, boot camp starting February 4, and I think I’m going to fork over 100 of my hard earned dollars and go for it!  I’ve been looking for something to whip me into shape, and since I can’t afford my own personal trainer, I’m hoping this is it.  I work out regularly which helps me maintain the fineness that is Nerd Girl 🙂  Now, I’m ready to take it to the next level. 

Of course, I thought I was going to die yesterday at the gym – the Wednesday night instructor is tough!  So, I can’t believe I’m about to cough up more money for more regular torture.  I’m thinking “before and after” pictures may be in order.

Today’s scent:  Pure Vanilla by Lavanila Labs.  I really like this stuff.  Of the scents I’ve purchased/been given for my 365 days of perfume wearing goal (note: I do not have 365 different perfumes, I probably don’t have 15), this is one of my favorites.  Pure Vanilla and Beautiful by Estee Lauder will definitely be regular purchases of mine when this self-imposed scent wearing year concludes.

3 thoughts on “Boot Camp!

  1. OMG! Which Y? This boot camp may be just what I’m looking for after my Yoga debacle the other day. I missed the ballroom dancing, but I would love to do the bootcamp. You have any more info?

  2. The Y on Flowood Drive. Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. $100 for members/$200 for non members. That’s all I know. Oh – the instructor’s name is Quanya, but I’ve never taken a class under her – I think she teaches spin sometimes. I think I’m going to drop my check off this evening so that I can’t procrastinate my way out – as I am wont to do. Join us!

  3. go nerdgirl! go nerdgirl! i wish i had a convenient boot camp. all of the ones i know of want to be across town and just not feasible!

    people speak very highly of la vanilla. i’ll def have to try it!

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