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NO Jazz Fest


Yep – hard at work today.  I’m back.

The line up for this year’s New Orleans Jazz Fest looks great!  I’m thinking I’ll pick a day, throw Lovegirl in the back seat and head down for a day of great live music and awesome food.

My difficulty will come in picking a day – Dr. John, Billy Joel and Trinitee 5:7; Buckwheat Zydeco, Burning Spear and Lizz Wright; Al Green, Cassandra Wilson, and Byron Cage???  Oh, the combinations and possibilities are endless.  There are at least three headliners I’d love to see on any of the 7 days that the festival runs, not to mention the lesser known acts that I’m sure will be marvelous as well!  I’ve heard The Roots are not to be missed . . . . oh, how’s a girl to choose??


4 thoughts on “NO Jazz Fest

  1. (oh my god…it took me three times of reading the title and the post to figure out why in the world, if you weren’t going to the jazz fest (i.e. ’cause you say ‘no’ jazz fest) why you kept talking about who you wanted to see…then I got it…New Orleans…not ‘no’…blushes)

  2. Kia – No worries, I’ll rock out for you!

    Los Angelista – The lineup really is awesome each of the seven days of the festival! One year Smoochy and I headed to NO for the festival, but got so caught up in other touristy stuff, we never made the festival. Won’t be making that mistake again.

    TKW – LOL! Reminds me of the time I took Smoochy to the Los Angeles Zoo. All the signs say “LA Zoo.” He remarked how full of itself the zoo was by referring to itself as “la zoo.” I was like dude, that’s L.A. Zoo as in Los Angeles, not la zoo as in ooh-la-la! 🙂 BTW – your last post? Hilarious!

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