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Dear Supervisor-type Person:

Please refrain from the following:

  •  Yelling at me. English is my first language, and I am in complete control of my mental faculties.  If you speak to me and let me know what’s expected, I got ya.  There is no need to scream, holler, or berate me.  You are beginning to piss me off.  I am keeping my peace because, unfortunately, I am not independently wealthy and cannot quit.  Though you are making my joining “Team Target,” more and more of a realistic possibility.
  • Making sexual advances.  I am married.  So are you.  Even if the preceeding statements weren’t true – it aint happening.  Let it go.  I don’t find you cute, attractive, or in any way appealing.  Some days I don’t have energy for my husband – the man I pledged myself to almost nine years ago – so there is no way that I’m squeezing you in on my “to do” list. 
  • Making stupid ass racial remarks.  I hate cursing.  Really.  But your dumb ass statements about my “muslim hair,” my “pot smoking habit,” and your “not noticing my tan” when I got back from vacation?  Not funny.  At all.  I can’t believe you’ve made it to middle age, are well established in your career, and don’t know better.  So, I’ve got to assume that you do know better and just don’t give a damn.  I’m not going to turn you in.  Today.  But someone will.  Better stop before it gets to that point.

There’s more.  But I’m at work, and you might pop up at any minute.  Peace.


8 thoughts on “Dear Supervisor-type Person:

  1. This would be funny, if it weren’t so sad. I hate to hear of anyone having to put up with that kind of mess/crap/foolishness (take your pick). Folks will make you cuss though, won’t they (smile).

  2. I can’t understand why grown folks think it’s appropriate to holler/scream/berate other grown folks. I once had a boss tell me after the fact that they didn’t mean to speak to me that way, and I shouldn’t take it personally, but this excuse didn’t work for me, so I had to bounce. Of course, all of this bravado was exercised before I had kids, mortage, etc. Unfortunately, I feel you.

  3. Becky – believe me, if I had another option right now, I would definitely type this up into a neat little memo and hit “send.” Unfortunately, I’m restricted to passive-aggressive venting on the internet at the moment 🙂

    Dee – doctor vs. admin asst. Do I even have to tell you how that one will play out around here?

    Lori – I wrote in in the vein of “laughing to keep from crying.” This place is truly making me a believer in the phrase “that which does not kill us makes us stronger.” I will be fierce by the time I get out of here!

    Mango – I love the “don’t take it personally” speech. Ummm yeah – you yelled at me. I am a person. Ergo, I took it personally. If you want to yell at something that won’t take it personally, might I suggest an inanimate object next time? Perhaps that lovely bookcase in the corner?

    But! They did move this guy’s office – just yesterday. He’s no longer directly behind me, and our interactions from here on out will be few and far between and hopefully via email. God is awesome!

  4. girl! i’m so sorry that you have to ‘deal’! i’ve never been in that situation and would light me on fire if i had to constantly hear those remarks. how do you nip it in the bud before it goes to far and you really become the angry black woman?

    i’m glad he got moved!!!!!

  5. This is terrible. As a supervisor I couldn’t imagine such behavior. OK, I curse a bit too much at the office (my job is HARD) but that other stuff is unconscionable. Sorry your boss sucks.

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