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Tuesday Tidbits

plank-position.jpg  (**Plank Position**)

 Maybe the computer folks at work read my blog and are so impressed by my wittiness that they’ve unblocked WordPress.  Or not.  Anyhoo, it seems as though I am once again free to blog to my hearts content – at work!

Boot camp may be, by far, the most difficult thing I’ve ever willingly taken on.  We started with a 3 minute run.  Yeah, I know – I’ve been going to the gym forever, I should be able to handle a leisurely 3 minute run around the gym.  Whatever.  All I remember from the remaining 57 minutes of the class was having orders barked out in rapid succession – “side step, run, knees up, walking lunges, squats, jump rope, jump rope faster, hold the **plank for 30 seconds, sit ups, plank again, kick boxing, punch, suicides, run!”  I thought I would die!  But I didn’t.  Which means I’m going back for another round of fun this Wednesday and for the next 5 weeks.  I didn’t tell Smoochy I’m taking this class – I’m going to see if he notices a difference without my having spilled the beans.  I got on the scale last night – weighed in at 164.5.  My reasons for taking this class were to increase my cardiovascular endurance and to tone.  I’m not really looking to lose weight, but we’ll see what the scale says on March 13.  I went to healthcentral.com.  According to that site I have a small frame (who knew???) and should weigh between 156-171.6 pounds and I have a BMI of 23.6 which is in the healthy range, but anything over 24 is considered overweight. 

My kid continues to crack me up.  On Saturday night, Smoochy asked Lovegirl what she did earlier in the day.  “Oh Daddy, I chilled out with the ladies, talked a little, and ate chocolate cake.”  Translation:  she went to a T*upperware party with me.  And no offense to the T*upperware sellers/lovers of the world, but as long as they’re selling G*ladware for $3 a package, please don’t count on me buying a set of storage dishes for $150 and helping you earn a car – not happening!

Today’s scent:  Dream Angels Desire by Victorias Secret.  I like it better today than I did the last time I wore it.


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Go ‘head! I have always wanted to take a bootcamp class but I have never done it, mainly because I’m so cheap and you have to pay extra for it. I guess I should just bite the bullet.

  2. Los Angelista – I won’t lie and say “I love it!”, it’s a workout, after all, but I can definitely tell that it is going to make a difference in my physique. I’m hoping that this will get me right, and I’ll be able to maintain.

    It is costing me $100, but I figured that was pretty reasonable for 12 sessions. This is the first time our gym has offered it – if they decide to offer it on an ongoing basis, I think I may do it 3x a year. My mom takes hers through her campus (Cal Poly) and does it as her on-going workout – but our budget definitely doesn’t allow for that : )

    Keep us posted (pun intended) on whether or not you make that move!

  3. I teach on Monday nights so I couldn’t do it. I really really wanted to. Maybe they’ll do one during the summer? I think that you should be a model pupil or soldier or whatever so that you can request that they offer a summer course for the rest of us who aren’t yet sexy enough.

  4. pserendipity – Sorry you’ll miss this go ’round – maybe next time! Not sure about that model pupil thing – we’re going to take our measurements next week! 🙂 If my numbers aren’t horribly horrible, I’ll post. I did joke with my friendgirl that if this kills me, I am to be buried in a bikini with one hand on my hip!!

  5. I applaud you for doing that class. Thanks for the BMI calculator. I need to lose three pounds. Maybe I shouldn’t be eating this Kit Kat while calculating my BMI?

  6. Hmmm, boot camp may be just what I need to get back to around 200 pounds. I’m not into all the yelling though. If I want to get yelled at I’ll hang out with my four year old.

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