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Vanity, thy name is Nerd Girl

So, I just spent $33 and some change on lipgloss. 

MAC 4N lipglass to be exact.  I think this may be the most perfect lipgloss shade to ever grace my lips.  Brownish/reddish/sparklyish.  Perfection.  It is apparently a “limited edition” shade, and was no longer available at either of the 2 stores (same store, different locations) that sell it here.  So, after much internal conflict, I headed over to the MAC website and ordered two tubes.  I’m seriously contemplating ordering more.

Somebody, stop me!


7 thoughts on “Vanity, thy name is Nerd Girl

  1. Hey, that doesn’t sound vain, just smart! I love my MAC lustreglass and I sometimes panic and think they will discontinue my favorite shade (Decorative).

  2. Dee – I just never thought I’d find a lipgloss that moved me enough to the point where I’d be hoarding it 🙂 Decorative is a very pretty shade – maybe one day I’ll venture out of neutral land and give it a try. Your hair is so pretty – do you keep it in twists most of the time?

  3. TKW – you’re right. And no one’s going to tell Smoochy that I’m spending what could be college fund money on lipgloss. . . right??

    Kia – I’m blaming this new interest in makeup on YOU! Thanks 🙂

  4. Girl… I didn’t know you wrote about 4N on your blog! I love it just like you do and I am always getting compliment when I wear it.

    The 3N, 2N, 1N are all much trickier – but nothing that MAC’s Black-girl-favorite Chesnut pencil can’t handle.

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