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Guess where I’m going????


There is a very real possibility that I’ll be going to China in early November!  I am so excited.  My mom found an excellent deal, and unless something major (??) happens between now and then, it looks like all systems are go!

Whoo hoo!


5 thoughts on “Guess where I’m going????

  1. Kia – It’s a tour, so we’d hit Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai. I’m not that keen on tours, but figure we can always break out and do our own thing if we don’t like the itinerary. Any suggestions?

    Autumn and Lori – I know we’re supposed to take joy from the small things, but I must admit, this trip will probably have me floating on cloud nine for quite a while. Talk about excited!

  2. hey nerd girl.. i did two out of four.. suggestions? the great wall of course (take your hiking shoes!) and the summer palace in beijing. i felt like i was in a water color painting, asian/victorian romance! i was on a tour as well and out of the good vs. the crappy, those were memorable.

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