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 5 things I’m feeling:

  1. Powdered sugar donut gems.  Yeah I know, right?  I don’t eat these on the regular, haven’t had ’em in years, but lately I’ve been craving them and eating 2 or 3 packs a week. 
  2. Anthony Hamilton.  This brother has been on heavy rotation in my iPod this week.  I’m particularly feeling “Pass Me Over.”
  3. Tupac.  Yep, I go from one extreme to the other.  Been you-tubing him all week at work.
  4. Black.  I’ve worn black 4 out of 5 days this week.  I am a neutral colors kind of gal, but I think this may be a bit much, even for me.
  5. My husband.  We have a good marriage – lately it has been great. And I appreciate him for it!

4 things I’m not feeling:

  1. Rude people.  They really do bite.  I don’t understand the lack of common courtesy that just seems to be pervasive lately.  I try not to take it personally, but there are several people who made me wish that I was a fighting kind of girl – I would’ve done some serious damage this week.  Yep lady in the Target parking lot, I’m talking about you!
  2. My ankles.  They’re killing me.  We’ve been running a lot in boot camp, and my ankles have really paid for it.  The good news is that I can see the changes in my physique and am pleased thus far.  Of course, I’m eating donuts by the roll, which is counteracting the boot camp work . . .
  3. My boss.  She actually banned a group of us from going to lunch together.  Alrightie then.  Just because no one wants to socialize with her, I guess she’s decided there will be no socializing at all.  It’s not like we’re leaving the office staff-less at any time.
  4. The mountain of clothes in my laundry room waiting for my attention.  Where do all of these clothes come from?  We wear the same thing week after week.  If you looked in the laundry room, you’d swear we had wardrobes to rival Mariah Carey’s!

3 songs just played on my iPod:

  1. Every Time I Turn Around – LTD
  2. Candy – Cameo
  3. Love Shack – B-52s

2 things I’m doing this weekend:

  1. Continuing my quest for a table for our entryway.  I found one that I love at Cost Plus, but I don’t want to drive to the nearest one (Baton Rouge) to pick it up.  So, the quest continues – I’ve already tried Pier One, Kirkland’s and Tar-jhay.  Wish me luck!
  2. Going to church.  We haven’t been in . . . a while.  Time to rectify that.

1 thing I want right now, but can’t have:

  1. A fish taco with extra lime!

5 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Los Angelista – Who knows? I told my mother I was beginning to think I have a problem with authority. My mom disagreed and said that I have a problem with stupidity. I’m thinking she’s right. Anyhoo, the boss lady is nuts – we just try to roll with the punches. And um, I have tendonitis from all the running, so I will be walking my laps from here on out. Ouch! I can’t believe how much A Hamilton I’ve been listening to – still not tired of him.

    Teresa – Thanks for stopping by – hope to see you back. Take care!

  2. I dont have a husband… but I’m feelin you on the 0ther 4 things your feeling

    Everytime I hear the song Candy I think about the movie the best man…

    Oh and i’m not feeling my boss to swell right now either… but hey… its life, I’m dealing with it~

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