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It’s my loc-aversary!

So actually, this post is a little late.  I started my locs on January 25, 2007.  I don’t know why I had a February date in my head . . . .  Anyhoo, some observations to commemorate this great occasion:

  • My locs are between 5 and 5 1/2 inches long now. 
  • I wish I’d taken a picture/measured them the day that I got my inital twists.
  • I’m still going to the shop for maintenance.  They’re fully locked and I wash and condition them, but can’t get them as nice and tight as my beautician can.
  • I love my hair in its natural state.  That may sound trite, but really I do.
  • I’m still surprised when people compliment me on my hair.
  • I still get slightly perturbed when people see pictures of me with permed hair and say “oh, you had such pretty hair.”
  • I think I’m only going to let my hair get to shoulder length, and not try to grow it to great lengths.
  • My beautician says that all of her clients say that, but once their hair starts growing long, everyone seems to change their minds.
  • People often comment on how fast my hair has grown.  Honestly, it seems the same length to me.  This growth process is S-L-O-W.
  • I hope that this journey of mine will be an inspiration to my daughter as she grows up and that she will choose to continue to wear her hair naturally – once she’s old enough to make that decision that is.
  • But I won’t trip if she should choose to straighten hers.  (I promise!)
  • I’m thinking of getting a rinse or maybe putting  a little ornamentation in my hair – a small bead or shell perhaps.
  • I’m also thinking of letting my locs grow out, cutting them off and rocking a ‘fro.  Aaah the possibilities!  Who knows what the future holds?

3 thoughts on “It’s my loc-aversary!

  1. Love the observations. I’ve been contemplating allowing my hair to loc for years now (smile). Ever so often, I like taking a break from the chemicals. I think it’s healthy for the hair. Also, it helps free up time and allows for some much needed peace of mind.

    I’ve worn mine in a short (to medium length) natural and in recent years I’ve alternated between twists and the old fashioned hot-comb (LOL). But I still haven’t summoned the courage to straight up loc. I think first, I need to find a stylist capable of helping me take proper care of my hair.

    Anyway, when are you gonna post pictures?

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