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Tastes Like Chicken!


I just ate a piece of beaver.  Wasn’t half bad.  It does not taste like chicken.

** Edited to add:  I literally mean beaver – the dam building rodent.  Nerd Girl has not gone all porno on ya!  And yep, it was on purpose.  One of the docs traps them and brought some in for us to taste.  So I did. **


8 thoughts on “Tastes Like Chicken!

  1. Oh my dear LORD – I was laughing already when I read the text… but the update completely cracked me up.


    I can’t believe you ate beaver!!!

  2. Brown Girl Gumbo – I think my alternative proteing consuming days may be over. For a while anyhoo.

    Lou – I think you might be right!

    Holli – I was thinking it, but when TKW pointed it out, I thought I should clarify. Not sure it worked quite the way I planned . . .

    Keith – Thank you.

    Karla – Thanks for stopping in!

    All – Nerd Girl’s beaver eating – and posting about it – days are over!!! 🙂

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