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I’ll Be There

Senator Obama will be at Jackson State University on Monday, March 10.  Doors open at 5 p.m. 

 I most definitely plan on being in attendance!


3 thoughts on “I’ll Be There

  1. Hey Nerd Girl – I forgot you were in Mississippi!

    I hope you enjoy seeing him. I saw him when he came to Newark, NJ last October – just before his campaign really caught fire.

    I also canvassed for him earlier this week in Rhode Island. I wanted to make sure that I was apart of history in some way! You can read about it on my blog, Anovelista.com.

  2. Nichelle – I’ll be by your spot soon, can’t wait to read about your experiences!

    I remember being at the Capitol in Arkansas when Governor Clinton announced his candidacy for President, and the feelings of hope and optimism he stirred in the crowd.

    I can’t imagine not being there for Senator Obama’s visit. I thought that he was going to bypass us, and am quite thrilled to find out that is not the case!

    The possibility of it all thrills me in ways that I simply cannot articulate. Have a great weekend.

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