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Out of the mouth of Lovegirl!

#1 –   Doctor’s waiting room about 8:15 a.m.  A little boy and his mother sit down next to us.
Lovegirl:  Good morning lady.
Boy’s Mother:  Good morning sweetie, how are you?
Lovegirl:  Fine.  Why does your daughter have on a blue shirt?  (Lovegirl has serious gender bias issues)
Boy’s Mother:  Oh, he’s a boy, he’s not a girl.
Lovegirl:  Well, you know he has ponytails and looks like a girl right?  I think he might be a girl.
Boy’s Mother:  He’s a boy, he just hasn’t had his hair cut yet.
Lovegirl:  Well, you might want to cut his hair, because I think he might turn into a girl!
Nerd Girl:  Lovegirl, come here, sit down, be quiet.
Lovegirl:  Okay Mama, but really – I think he’s a girl.

(About 15 minutes later)
Lovegirl:  What kind of shoes are those that your girl, I mean boy, has on?
Boy’s Mother: Oh, I just bought those yesterday.  They’re Jordans.
Lovegirl:  Is his name Jordan?
Boy’s Mother:  No, his name is “Austin.”
Lovegirl:  Then why does he have on Jordan’s shoes?

Oh how I hope she remembers her three year old disdain for name brands in 12 years or so when she’s begging me to buy whoever’s whatever!

#3 – This morning as I drop her off at preschool
Ms. M:  Congratulations Ms. Nerd Girl!
Nerd Girl:  Ummm, thanks?
Ms. M:  Lovegirl told us you were expecting!
Nerd Girl:  Ms. M., all I’m expecting is to make it through another day.


2 thoughts on “Out of the mouth of Lovegirl!

  1. Dee – the scary thing for me is that everyone says she acts just like me. I admit to thinking some of the stuff that she says, but I don’t say it – at what age can I expect her “filter” to kick in?!?!

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