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Let’s Start Over, Back to the Way Things Were

So, having lost all electricity over the weekend, yesterday I emptied out the refrigerator and freezer, bleached the shelves, and went to the grocery store to restock.  Wonder what kind of recipes those recipe sites could come up with if I entered the following:

Current refrigerator contents:  1 baked turkey wing, green curried chicken, jasmine rice, cranapple juice, 1 dozen eggs, 1 stick of butter, cheese, mustard, ketchup, lemon juice, green curry paste, fish sauce, strawberry jam, 1 bud light, and 1 can of guarana juice my parents brought back from their trip to Brazil.

Current freezer contents:  1 pack of hot dogs, 3 sticks of butter.

Anyhoo, I am trying to be less wasteful with food.  I have a bad habit of stocking up on stuff – particularly freezer foods – and then not using it in a timely manner and tossing it all out.  I’d vowed that I was just going to buy food for the week’s meals and see how that went.  Guess all it took to get me started was a tornado or two.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Start Over, Back to the Way Things Were

  1. Saw your blog on my tag surfer. I love the internet and blogging. We can all learn about different people. I have some weekly menu plans on my blog that I developed when I was living with my daughter during a difficult pregnancy. We shopped “weekly” and planned the menu with the grocery store ads. She has a five year old, so there are some kid friendly recipes also. I hope you will take a look around. Most of my recipes have a Southern flavor as I was born and raised in Ky.


  2. Lee – Thanks for stopping in! You’re right – the internet is a great resource for reaching out to people that we might never come in contact with in the “real” world. I’ll definitely stop by your spot and see what you’ve got going on – thanks.

  3. Hey Nerd Girl, I’m a day late and a fridge full of groceries short, but I’m glad you guys are doing alright! Looks like I came just in time, too, to drop by Lee’s joint and get my recipe on!

  4. LA – There is just something about the sirens, the wind, the rain. Makes me wax nostalgic for a good old fashioned, no prior warning earthquake!

    Psonya – Looks like we’re up for round 2 – be safe!

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