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It’s a Fiesta Baby!

So, Big Mama decided to throw a party of sorts.  She  invited her readers (I became one recently y’all and I love her blog – she is so funny) to share the contents of their closets.

I know that you are all waiting with bated breath.  Inhale, exhale.  Here goes:

If I’m not at work, I’m in jeans.  Period.  Dark and boot-cut, slightly faded with frayed hems, or trouser style, I love jeans.  Wish that I could wear them every day.

My casual tops run the gamut – from long sleeved t-shirts, to 3/4 sleeved t-shirts, to short sleeved t-shirts, I’ve got ’em all!  Seriously, that’s my non-work wardrobe:  jeans and a t-shirt.  Sometimes I push the fashion envelope and wear a sweater or a tunic instead of a t-shirt, but 99.99% of the time, and that is statistically significant,  I have on jeans and a t.

On those days that I am forced to shed the jeans and t – you probably refer to those days as Monday through Friday – I usually wear a suit or a pair of slacks and a sweater set or blouse.  I like to think of it as Garanimals for Adults.  I don’t wear very many prints, and most things in my wardrobe work with each other.  It’s hard for black not to match black.  I digress.


I don’t have a big shoe collection – I have a collection of big shoes.  I wear a 12N, and that my friends is what is referred to as an “extended” size.  Thank goodness for Z.appos and Van Eli.  This is the cutest my shoes have been since . . . well, ever. 

I’ve tried to alter my style, but as I near 36 years on this earth, I realize that I’m a basic kind of girl.  I’ll never be high fashion, and that’s cool beans with me.  I do like to switch up the accessories, so in addition to my staples – wedding set and gold hoops, you’ll usually find me in one of the following necklaces.

My favorite item of clothing is my winter coat.  I absolutely love it, and look forward to its grey/brown/cream/orange warmth every year. 

And finally, a shot of what I see every morning as I contemplate outfitting she who is known as Nerd Girl. 

Oops, almost forgot.  I’m supposed to tell you what I’d wear if money were no object and I could buy and wear whatever I wanted.  Just about anything in B.anana R.epublic and A.nn T.aylor.  Well, except for the skirts and dresses.  The last time I was truly happy about wearing a dress, was nine years ago May and I had this one on:


Have a good weekend all!  A special fiesta ole’ to D.ora the E.xplorer for making this blogging time possible.  Peace.

*On a completely different note – does anyone know anything about cameras?  All of the pictures I’ve taken lately are blurry and I don’t know what’s going on.  The little “stop” icon is ever-present when I turn my camera on to let me know that the picture is going to be blurry, and I can’t figure out how to get back to shooting crisp pictures.  If you enlarged any of the above pics, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.  Thanks in advance if you can help!*

8 thoughts on “It’s a Fiesta Baby!

  1. All I have to say about how ORGANIZED and CLEAN your closet is, is I’M GREEN WITH ENVY.

    But not green enough to do the gigantic amount of work my closet would need to rival yours.


  2. @ Erica — Thanks much! I’ll try that. I’ve wanted to throw my camera out for the better part of a month! Jaw-ja – love it!

    @ Keri — Thanks kindly. Did you play? I’ll be by.

    @ Leigh — Thank you – I’ll stop in before the day is out – I do most of my “research” from work!!

    @ BGG — You have no idea how deep my feelings run for that coat! Organized? Hmmmm . . . .

    Thanks to all for stopping by. It was lots of fun, I hope we “Fiesta” again next year – maybe I’ll have colors outside of the khaki and black spectrum by then. (Doubt it!)


  3. i knew I liked you for a reason LOL

    OK, I thought I was the only jean junkie. Because of my slim size, when I find a pair that I like, I buy multiples. I’m packing for my move and I counted enough jeans to last me 1 month with out repeating. SMH

    Don’t get me started on Banana Republic. Put it like this, when I was in college Lerner got my money, now the BR gets my money.

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