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Y’all Called It

Lovegirl’s field trip went off without a hitch.  She enjoyed seeing the cheetah, the monkey who “ate some tasty looking fruit,”  riding the train, and the volcano.

Back it up – volcano?

“Oh Mama, the volcano was so pretty!  I think it was my favorite animal.”
“Honey, there is no animal called a volcano.  Are you trying to say flamingo?”
“I am trying to say vol-ca-no.  Volcano.”

(Not sure at this point whether I should be laughing or shaking she-who-is-sassy)

“What did this volcano look like honey girl?” 
“Blue with big feathers and pretty colors.”

(Log on to internet, g.oogle a picture)

“Is this it?”
“Yes!  That’s a volcano!  I love it!”
“That my dear, is a peacock.” 

Though I see how you could mistake a peacock for a volcano. Kind of like the squirrel that resembled a kangaroo.  

She’s killing me y’all.  And she’s just 3!  I cannot begin to imagine the fun that 4 will bring! 


4 thoughts on “Y’all Called It

  1. My son’s daycare are taking them to the zoo next week, and I plan to attend because I already know they are gonna need more than two teachers for 16 two year olds.

  2. Sheena – It was all I could do not to go, but I am glad that I didn’t. I think my decision not to go was made easier because I knew of 3 other mothers that were going, and that helped ease my mind a bit. Have fun!

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