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Sometimes I have issues with my faith.  Specifically lack thereof.  I’ll get down and think that God is working on everyone’s behalf but mine.  That I am already so richly blessed, I should not dare ask for “more.”

When I said I was going to China, my brilliant plan was to use the “free” economic stimulus check to fund most of my trip.  All I was going to have to save was airfare to CA and spending money. 

Well, we did our taxes, and we owed.  Between what we owed the state, and what we owed the feds, we owed the exact amount of the stimulus check. 

I started feeling guilty, saying that I wouldn’t have agreed to the trip if I’d known I was going to be using “hard earned money” to go – the money could be better spent paying down bills, in Lovegirl’s savings account, etc.  Told Smoochy that I didn’t really want to use much of “our” money to go, and that I wasn’t going to worry about it – if it was meant for me to go, a way would be worked out, and if not, I’d ask the travel folks to credit my brother’s account with my non-refundable deposit if possible.

On Friday, I went to the mailbox.  Between a refund check from K.ohl’s that I’d forgotten about, a check from an old credit union account, one from the orthopedists Lovegirl saw early last year, and an overpayment of our escrow account – I have more than half of what I need.

He’s working in my favor. 



7 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

  1. How wonderful is that!! God really is good and we just have to keep the faith and remember that ultimately he wants all of us to live great and fulfilled lives. Great story! 🙂

  2. God is good ALL the time and ……. I remember reading about your China Trip a while ago, but cannot remember why you are going…fill me in…PLEASE!

  3. @ BGG & Lori – Amen!

    @ Nakira – I’m going to enrich my life. I love to travel, this opportunity came up, and I’m taking it! I am so excited.

    @ Los Angelista – I definitely plan on getting my eat on. Perhaps not 30 lbs. of eat . . . but definitely my fair share 😉
    I can’t wait!

  4. Woohoo!! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip to China (and of course see tons and TONS of pictures). God truly is amazing in just how awesomely and quickly He can turn things around.

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