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Randomness on a Tuesday Morning

4 Things I’m Feeling:

  1. Mexican food.  I haven’t had cravings this strong since I was pregnant with Lovegirl and I ate one chicken soft taco and one black bean taco every single day.  Nope – I’m not preggers, just on a heckuva Mexican food binge.
  2. An.thony Bourdain.  I may love this man.  I don’t know what it is about him, but I can’t get enough.  I’ve been watching No R.eservations like a mad woman – did not help that the episode I watched last night featured Mexican food!
  3. Sweet Almond Oil.  I’ve been using this on my skin and hair.  My eczema has definitely calmed down, and both my hair and scalp are better moisturized.  Love it!
  4. M.orningstar Farms Southwestern Style Veggie Cakes.  See #1 on this list.

3 Things I am Not Feeling:

1.  High gas prices.  Need I say more? 
2.  Nonsense violence.  I suppose most violence is nonsense, but this weekend a young man was gunned down while driving on I-55.  Police think it was a case of mistaken identity.  Lord have mercy.  When will we as a people wake up and stop this mess?  It makes me tired.
3.  The news.  Until there is one good, decent thing reported, I’m not watching.  Not quite sure how I’ll know when that one, good decent thing is reported, but whatever.

2 Things I Really Want:

1.  A new Ipod.  There’s nothing wrong with my old one – I will NOT spend unnecessarily, so this is just a dream.
2.  A nap.

1 Thing I Will Do Today:

1.  Go to the gym and add 5 minutes to my cardio workout.  That’s 40 minutes on the crosstrainer – and considering all the Mexican food I’ve been consuming, definitely a good thing!


5 thoughts on “Randomness on a Tuesday Morning

  1. Ooh I love Mexican food too! I could really use some today as a matter of fact.

    Sweet Almond Oil, I might have to try that. What brand makes it? I have a really dry scalp and nothing really seems to work well.

    Yes, I am so sick of all of the senseless violence. Especially all of the shootings taking place in my hometown, Chicago.

  2. Hey, can you send me an e-mail and put me up on that sweet almond oil? Aidan has eczema and that Eucerin is for the birds.

    They’re having lunchtime bootcamp at the downtown Y, it’s only on Wednesdays, though, if you’re interested. I think today I’m gonna to try the lunchtime water aerobics class.

    Did Iris ever tell you about those green cleaning products?

    Mexican food? Did I get you started with those enchiladas???

  3. BGG – I don’t remember the brand, I just grabbed a small bottle at a local health food store. I’ll try to remember to post the brand tomorrow. Have you ever tried an apple cider vinegar rinse? When my scalp is really bad I do that and follow it with an olive oil hot oil treatment.

    Psonya – I sent you an email. I can’t do a lunch workout – we are held to an hour, all hell breaks loose if an extra minute is taken for lunch. Would love another bootcamp though . . . and yes, she did. I owe her an email – our home computer crashed, and I’m horrible about emailing at work (but I’ll blog all day!) And yep – the enchiladas started my fiending!!!

  4. Gas prices… above $4 here in LA. It’s ridiculous. And yet oil company profits are through the roof!

    Mexican food…c’mon over to my neighborhood. You can buy some great stuff from the street vendors around here. I was just talking to somebody about Anthony Bourdain — I’ll bet he gets major play! He is hot in such an unexpected way.

    Oh and if you wan to try a tough workout, do the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD. I’m on day 3 — it’s no joke!

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