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Whoo-hoo!  I am so looking forward to this three day weekend.  I may paint, I may picnic, I may take a road trip, I may veg out on the couch.  Who knows?  All I do know is that I plan on doing a major clean-a-thon this evening, and nothing else related to true housework for the remainer of the weekend.

  • I can’t believe they’re making Callie gay on G.rays Anatomy!  The show slipped a little for me early this season, but the last few weeks and last night’s season finale?  Good TV I tell ya!  I’m so glad Meredith and Derrick are back together.  I’m almost ashamed at how much I care about these fictional people . . . almost.
  • I’m going to Lovegirl’s school for the end-of-the year program in a few.  She’s been given a verse (John 3:16) and I can’t wait to see how she does.  She hammed it up at home practicing for the Christmas program, and then got on stage, refused to sing, mumbled, kept her eyes downcast, etc.  I’m hoping that she fares better this morning – especially since she’s got a solo bit!
  • My home computer is dead.  A virus wiped us out.  The computer guy from work came out and worked on it, but all he was able to do was retinstall XP.  I don’t have any software, my iPod can’t be reinstalled because our OS is old, etc., etc.  I was going to wait until I found about school to even think about a new computer, but it looks like I may be forced to make a decision sooner than I’d anticipated.  I’m thinking maybe a laptop this go-round.  Any suggestions?  Is anybody an A.pple user?  I’m thinking of giving up the PC.
  • Anyhoo, I actually need to get a little work done before I head to Lovegirls’ school, so I’d better get out of here – I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend/holiday!  Be safe.  Be well.

6 thoughts on “TGIF!!!

  1. I use a Mac. Love.It. Will never go back to a PC. I have the laptop. Oh, and with a Mac, you’re darn near virus free. There is also some software that you can buy so that it will run Windows.

    Ain’t that some mess about Callie and Hahn? I need to see how they’re gonna work this out next season. Truthfully, Meredith has caused so much drama with her “issues” that I was hoping Derek just let her ride.

    Have a good weekend, too!

  2. I’m stunned at how sturdy Mac laptops are. I’m a substitute teacher, and let me tell you, my heart nearly stopped the first time I taught computers and saw the kindergardeners totting them back to their tables. They use (and hardly ever) abuse them with no problems.

  3. I watch Grey’s with the wife and a bottle of wine every week. I’m not sure how I feel about the Callie relationship yet.

    My computer died last week also. Most of my stuff was backed up though and I bought a cheap compaq that I am so far happy with. All I do is write and surf the net so I don’t need too much in a computer.

  4. Oh no about your computer. I worry about mine because I know Dell’s are notorious for dying. But I got the extended warranty so hopefully that’ll help if it does kick the bucket. And yeah for 3 day weekends! Hope you had a good one.

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