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Happy Tuesday!

  • I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I didn’t accomplish much of anything – a birthday party Friday night, church on Sunday, a picnic, and a little housecleaning pretty much sums up our activities.  Smoochy was home, and we three just lazed around the house.
  • I tried to make a red velvet cake Sunday and failed miserably!  Smoochy lamented the fact that I don’t make layer cakes anymore – he’s right.  So I asked him what he wanted, and got all the stuff together to make a red velvet cake.  I’d never had or made one, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Let me tell ya – I knew the cake was red, but really, it was grosser looking when I added the food coloring than I was prepared for.  Anyhoo, either the cake fell or it never rose.  When I took my layers out of the oven, they probably weren’t more than an inch thick.  Smoochy said it tasted right, but was just too dense (duh!).  Honestly – I thought it tasted pretty bad too.  Not sure I’ll try that one again – I am going to buy a new box of baking soda though.  Usually my cakes are pretty good – don’t know what happened with this one – any ideas? 
  • My child is steadily working towards her advanced degree in DIVA-ology.  When we left the park yesterday, she kept wailing “but we can’t go, we can’t go, the people – they’ll miss me.”  Whatever little girl, I think they’ll be okay without you!!!  The kid cracks me up 🙂
  • T – I finally remembered to buy a box for the Baby Buttercreme – I am taking it to the post office tomorrow come heck or high water! 
  • I’m not eating any junk food this week.  I’ve had terrible eating habits for the last few weeks – a combo of hormones and boredom i think.  Anyhoo, I’ve got to get back on track, and there’s no time like the present.  I’m also headed back to the gym, haven’t been in over a week – when I slip, I slip!
  • Have I mentioned that I’m going to China in November?!?!  Yeah, okay, I know I have.  But I got excited all over again and thought I’d share.
  • Not sure what I’m going to do about the computer issue – my brother is going to try and help me out.  If that doesn’t work . . . my heart is saying “A.pple,” while my checkbook is saying “nuh-uh honey, think again.”  I’n not financing another thing, so whatever we end up with will be saved for and paid for in CASH. 
  • I’m trying to do better and only buy things we really need.  So, this weekend I bought Lovegirl two pairs of  much-needed capris (why are the shorts for little girls so short??  Is it just me?).  And then I bought myself a pair of not-so-much-needed wide-legged trouser jeans.  I’m not sure the logic that I’m buying now so that when the economy gets really bad/gas hits $10 a gallon/whatever we’ll have what we need is sound, but the jeans – CUTE!
  • Back to work I must go.  Be well.

7 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday!

  1. Nerd Girl, Be sure to look into Apple’s refurbished program. I’ve purchased a few refurbished ipods and have not been disappointed. They come completely outfitted with the latest software and I’m even considering purchasing another laptop and this time it will be through their refurbished program. Go to the http://www.apple.com to learn more.

  2. @BGG – Thanks! I’m a wee bit biased, but she really is an awesome kid 🙂 Words really cannot express how happy and excited I am about our upcoming trip.

    @Mang Mama – I appreciate the info! They’re opening a new Apple store in our area soon, so I’ll definitely be visiting them and checking out the website.


  3. Hey! Got your message about boot camp. We’re going to Disney World the last week of June, but I still might try it. Come on…I will if you will. I SO need a workout partner.

    You know there’s an Apple Store in Madison already, it’s called User Friendly and it’s on Highway 51. I’ve taken my Mac there before when Aidan dropped it. Uh…..I mean when it mysteriously crashed for no reason whatsoever and had to be replaced with a brand new one. Which brings me to another point — Apple has great no questions asked customer service. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the buttercreme, Nerd Girl. I will take a free gift whenever it comes, no rush. 🙂

    China sounds awesome. I’m a wee bit apprehensive about Asia (no clue why), but I think I’m going to make South Africa or London my next trip. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

    And yes, your daughter sounds like an adorable bundle of fun. “The people will miss me” I LOVE IT!

  5. @Psonya – I accept your challenge and will join you in bootcamp! I don’t know how my ankles and shins will fare – I guess I’ll work on strengthening them between now and then – last go ’round just about wiped me out. Now I’m leaning toward trying out a refurbed Apple – thanks.

    @T – Maybe it is the language barrier? My husband is not going because he thinks no one will speak english and that we’ll end up communist prisoners . . . South Africa is my dream vacation!

    @NSW – I’m going to try the Paula Deen recipe – thanks! I think trying to dress her in modest but modern clothes is only going to be more of a challenge as she gets older. I’m not a prude, but lately these shorts barely have an inseam length at all!

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