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4 Things

1. I put spinach in my smoothie this morning – did not affect the taste at all!  Color either – I used mixed berries today.  So, go for it!  Let me know what you think.

2.  Yay Stephanie!  She won Top C.hef on B.ravo Wednesday night – first female to do so.

3.  Dear Lakers – you’re going to need to step your game up.  Now.

4.  Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.  I hope you enjoy your day, the blessings that come with being a father, and precious time spent with your child(ren).  Have a great day!

The father of a righteous man has great joy;
he who has a wise son delights in him. – Proverbs 23:24


10 thoughts on “4 Things

  1. Great 4 things! Spinach in a smoothie? I think I might just try that and use my little guy as the guinea pig! :::kidding:::

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Tanyetta – Thanks! I promise, the spinach didn’t affect the taste at all. If DJ disagrees . . . my bad 🙂 My girl will not drink a smoothie to save her life – and the whole reason I started making them was to get more fruits and fiber into her diet. Hope y’all have a great weekend as well.

  3. I love green smoothies and ETot is the first one to try to drink from my glass. Kale and parsley is my current favorite combination, it’s addictive and so healthy.

  4. Yolanda – kale and parsley? Really? Do you make it with yogurt/milk like a regular smoothie with veggies instead of fruit? Maybe I’ll try that next. Your boys are getting to be so big – it is amazing how time flies!

  5. @ Kia – I have added spinach every day this week (okay, so it is only Tuesday . . . ) and really – no diff. I made a mango/peach/spinach one this morning – the color is a little strange, but the taste is on point. Do let me know if/when you try it.

    @T – Glad your package finally arrived – I didn’t know sending something parcel post mean it would get there “whenever.” 🙂 Let us know if it works for you and if you’d pay $58 for it on a regular basis.

    @ BGG – I was so excited for Stephanie – somehow the ending was a little anti-climatic, but I was still glad she won. Go ahead a toss a handful of spinach in your next smoothie – you won’t regret it!

  6. I can’t believe the crowd last night was chanting to Kobe, “You’re not Jordan!” Eek!

    I can handle spinach in small amounts in a smoothie, but I usually just steam it, but some Spike on it for flavor and then eat a whole box of it. Love it that way. Either way, yay for getting healthy!

  7. @ LA – I couldn’t even bear to watch the game, I knew they were going to lose. I watched the first few minutes, and then switched over to the gloriously over-acted CSI:Miami!

    What is Spike? Never heard of it.

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