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She’s a Bad Mama Jama

. . . just as fine as she can be.

Lovegirl is taking swim lessons.  She’s three lessons in to her eight-lesson course.  Who knows if she’ll be able to swim at the end or not?  What I do know is that my girl is F-I-N-E.  Know how I know?

  • She runs into the dressing room full of anticipation – ready to strip down and suit up.
  • She looks in the mirror and says “this swimsuit is so cute, and so am I.”
  • When she sees her little buddies from school, who are taking lessons too, she runs up to them with a huge grin, and hugs them both – and they’re boys.
  • When she gets out of the pool, the first thing she does is run over and tell me how much fun her lesson was and that she can’t wait to come back.

Compare this to her mama.

  • When I enter the locker room, I find the most deserted corner and change clothes as quickly as I can, always careful to have at least one half of my bod covered at all times.
  • I have never looked in a mirror while wearing a swimsuit and said “I am cute.”
  • If I am in a swimsuit, and see anyone I know, my first thought is “thank God for cover ups” and my first inclination is to turn my head hoping they won’t notice me.  You know how easy it is to miss a 5’10” woman with dreadlocks, right?
  • When I get out of the pool, the first thing I do is reach for my cover up.

I need to take a few lessons from my kid when it comes to self-acceptance and body image. 

I hope that she will always look in the mirror and think she’s cute.  I hope she will never pick herself apart, feature by feature and find fault with the way she looks.  I hope she will always be accepting of her friends, no matter what they – or she – looks like in a bathing suit.  I hope that God grants me the wisdom to teach my daughter lessons that I have not yet learned.


4 thoughts on “She’s a Bad Mama Jama

  1. Girl, You are so right. What a beautiful post. I, too, need to learn that same lesson from your little girl. Thanks for the observations and thanks for sharing.

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