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No Me Gusta C.hick-Fil-A!

I try to feed my family healthy meals – choosing my ingredients wisely, limiting salt, not too much refined flour, limiting fast food,  no fried foods from my kitchen, you know the drill.

My weakness?  C.hick-Fil-A.  Oh, how I love those tasty little bits of fried chicken goodness!  And the waffle fries?  Nothing like a nice, fresh batch of hot, crispy deep fried potatoes, lightly salted to make my day. 

We may go once, twice a month.  I get a number 5, 8 piece, honey mustard sauce, sweet tea.  Lovegirl gets a 4 piece kids meal with apple juice.  Included in the kid’s meal is a toy of some sort – usually something leaning toward being educational as opposed to a piece of movie-related plastic.  Lovegirl had a thing for Dwight D. Eisenhower as a result of a presidential bookmark thingie they were giving away a few months ago.  I digress.

This month’s toy?  An intro to Spanish CD.  Why C.hick-Fil-A, why????  We now spend our daily commute repeating “Me llamo el Senor Gonzalez” y “Donde esta el bano por favor?”  That’s about 25 minutes of Spanish, twice a day, with a 3 year old who does not yet have a complete grasp of the English language and a mother who can’t say no to anything slightly educational.

Ayuda me, por favor!!!




5 thoughts on “No Me Gusta C.hick-Fil-A!

  1. I swear that is a southern thing. I cannot STAND Chik-fil-A. It just tastes weird to me. Maybe I just had a bad experience…

  2. lol I find the chick-fil-a toy thing hilarious! Good for you on the spanish learning, at least its not yelling at you the whole time like Dora. ChickFila is my weakness as well. I swear I wasn’t even tempted by it when we lived in Atlanta but since returning to Texas it has somehow drawn me in, so wrong but oh so right.

  3. I love Chick-fil-a. I will be stopping by there when I am in Jackson this week-end(I am glad we don’t have the drive through ones here…I would eat there at least once a week). I am going to get the kids meal just for the CD now. Thanks…

  4. Yolanda – please, partake! This way I won’t feel so alone in my guilty pleasure 🙂

    Kels – Did you get your fix in while you were in town! Hope you enjoy that CD!!

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