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A Change Will Do You Good?

So, I’ve been visiting the church that runs the preschool Lovegirl attends.  I like the services, the pastor’s heart seems to be in the right place, and the congregation is friendly.  I’ve been thinking about moving my membership there.  I haven’t attended the church I’m an actual member of in almost 4 years.

Anyhoo, yesterday morning as I’m getting my worship on, the pastor introduces the new preschool director.  What?  My child has been enrolled in this school for nearly a year – one of the reasons I felt so comfortable enrolling her there was the “old” director.  Now, I’m being introduced to the “new” director – in church.  What if I hadn’t been in church yesterday?

I need a little notice when it comes to stuff like this.  I don’t know if the school will take a new direction – probably will, isn’t that what happens when a new administration takes office?  I don’t know if the new direction will be for the better or worse. 

This lady has already rubbed another parent the wrong way – when the parent went to pick her chid up on Friday, the new director ran over “who are you, who are you, what are you doing?”  The parent was like “I’m her mama – who are you?”  “Oh, oh, I’m Ms.  Firstname Lastname, the new director.”  “Nice to meet you Ms. Firstname – next time do a little checking before you run up on someone.”  “Oh yes, yes, but it is Ms. Lastname okay?  That goes for the children as well.”  Alrightie then. 

I know that people move on, that staff’s change, but I was hoping that the current administration/teachers at the preschool would remain constant for the next few years that Lovegirl wil be there.  I’m not as concerned with the afternoon teachers – they’re usually college students, and I understand there’s a good bit of turnover – I was okay with that.  I’m not sure how to feel about this change – in the immediate, I am not pleased.  I understand that the old director didn’t even know she’s been replaced until Thursday morning when the new lady showed up.  And that’s just wrong – particularly for a church-based school.  Nothing about that indicates that the school is doing things “decently and in order.” 

It is not that I think there’s anything wrong with the new lady – it’s just that I don’t know her – and I think that’s where the majority of my concerns lie. 

What do you think?  I need a little feedback on this one.  Of course, I’m going to talk to Smoochy about it, but I already know – whatever decision I make, he’ll be fine with.  Would you be concerned? 


8 thoughts on “A Change Will Do You Good?

  1. This is a tough one. The whole, it’s Ms. Lastname and that goes for the children too, is blowing me just a bit, but I’m trying to take myself out out it and think from her point of view. Maybe… maybe, as an educator, it’s important for parents to call her what children call her to set a precedent.

    Now… the whole runnin’ up on you thing. Unacceptable. Folks have lost their lives that way.

    I would say have a talk with the new director. You can’t base what you’re going to do on someone else’s perception. Cause there’s what the other parent said, what Ms. Lastname said and the truth. You weren’t there, so you’ll never know the truth.

    So when you talk to the new director, if what she’s talking about isn’t on point, then you should move Lovegirl. I’m sure you already know this, but… [based on what I’ve heard, you know i ain’t got no kids] …kids need stability. So you also have to think about how the change will affect Lovegirl, having to make new friends, acclimate to a new surrounding, etc.

    I know you and smoochy will make a great decision, and Lovegirl, the little diva that she is, will bounce back from whatever you decide.

  2. O.k, I’m with you on this one and in fact, I’ve experienced something very similar myself when my oldest was in preschool. The church should have notified the parents prior to this lady’s arrival. In fact, there should be some sort of meet & greet so everyone has a chance to get a bit of face time with the woman. Change is never easy, but it can be particularly traumatic for some of the kids, but if done properly, it can be pain-free. Good luck and keep the lines of communication open.

  3. @ T – Thanks. I’ve calmed down a bit since I wrote this earlier today. I called the pastor and discussed my concerns – I had two. The first was the new leadership, and the second was the way I found out. I stepped back and realized that if she were in grade school, I wouldn’t have any control over who her principal was from year to year, and I should let it go. The second was the way I was “informed.” He said that it is/was their intention to send a letter home to parents this week; that they weren’t trying to keep anything from us, they were just excited about the new leadership and mentioned it in church, not really considering how the parents of currently enrolled students would feel – most of their students are from outside of the church congregation.

    Made sense. You’re right – children do need stability, and Lovegirl is staying put unless the loving, caring, instructional environment of the school changes.

    I am still working on being a thermostat and not a thermometer. Being proactive, not reactive. And all that jazz!

  4. That’s difficult. Keep on investigating and trust your instincts whatever they might lead you to do. I know you’ll make the best decision for you and Lovegirl

  5. Excited or not……parents should have been informed earlier. I would be a bit concerned and would schedule a meeting with her to find out where she stands..where she’s headed. Wishing you the best.

  6. I agree with what everyone else has said so far. I do want to address the issue of her questioning who you were. Of course the WAY she did it was not entirely cool (running up on you, etc), HOWEVER, I would look at that more as a positive than a negative. At least you know she has the hawk eye out for the children and she is concerned with knowing who the adults are and who is picking up the children from day to day. That means she’s not just going to let anyone come up in there trying to take Lovegirl or any other child up out of there without getting the “third degree” from her. That’s a good thing, imo. Now that she knows who you are, you shouldn’t have any problems in that arena and as soon as you checked her on her behavior she backed down but I commend her efforts in that regard. I would be more concerned if I came to get my child and there was a new director or teacher or whatever and they didn’t approach me to find out who I was in relation to my child and they just let me take her. I would be concerned by that. So…I think that’s definitely a positive on her side.

  7. @ Mango Mama – We’re hoping for a meet and greet next week. I’ll keep y’all posted. Did you end up moving your daughter when this happened?

    @ Yolanda – I’ll have a particularly watchful eye in the next few months. I’d gotten quite comfortable under the old regime, I guess maybe I needed a little shaking up!

    @NSW – If my questions aren’t answered satisfactorily at the parent meeting, I’ll schedule a sit-down with her. Thanks for the suggestion.

    @ BSL2 – She ran up on another parent (not me) who relayed the story to me yesterday morning as we were dropping off. I am glad that she’s concerned about students, she just should’ve approached the other mother differently – she’s the new kid in town, not us.

    Thanks all for the feedback! Be blessed.

  8. We did end up moving Olivia, but only because it was about six months before she was to start kindergarten and although there was quite a bit of continuity, I wanted to be sure Olivia was in a stable environment where the focus would be solely preparing the kids for kindergarten, not weathering a transitional period.

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