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Our Holiday – By The Numbers

One slice of yellow watermelon.
Two of Smoochy’s aunts were in town.
Three (yes, three) slices of chocolate cake for Lovegirl.
Four hours at a birthday party for our friend’s daughter.
Five chicken wings for Nerd Girl.
Six offers to just “taste” a Red Rose (Red Roll?) sausage.  Ummm, no.
Seven dollars spent renting movies – “P.ride” and “I Think I Love My W.ife.” Save your $.
Eight bottles of B.ud Light Lime still in the refrigerator – I told Smoochy that stuff
was straight yuck.
Nine pairs of eyes staring at me as I try to explain to a slightly toasted uncle (in law) why I don’t want a foot massage from him.
Ten purple toenails for Lovegirl’s pedicure.

Hope you had a great holiday weekend, spending time with those you love – we did!


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