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Music Appreciation 101

Lovegirl: Mama, what is the name of this song?
Nerd Girl: This is “Johnny Was A Good Man.”
Lovegirl: Who sings this?
Nerd Girl: Bob Marley.
Lovegirl: Is he singing about J.ohnny and the Sprites? (A show on P.layhouse D.isney)
Nerd Girl: No honey, different Johnny.
Lovegirl: I like Bob Marley’s Johnny better.
Nerd Girl: Me too honey-girl, me too!

* * * * * *

Lovegirl: Mama, I have something to tell you.
Nerd Girl: What is it?
Lovegirl: “Just Fine” is my party song, and “Jesus Be a Fence” is my church song.
Nerd Girl: Your what?
Lovegirl: My party song and my church song. You know, so I can dance and then praise God.

* * * * * *


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