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A G.lamour Don’t!

Anyone familiar with the little segment in G.lamour magazine where some woman makes an ass of herself and then sees whether anyone will help her or tell her? She’s got toilet paper stuck to her shoe, or her skirt is tucked into her panties, etc.

Yeah – I just threw my white linen pants in the washing machine and noticed that there is something all down the backside – a yucky reddish brown color (I know, right?). I have no idea what I sat in or rubbed up on, but they didn’t look like that when I left the house yesterday morning. Have no idea how long I walked around looking a h.a.m.

Guess how many people told me?

Not a soul.

Would you have said something? Why? Why not?


5 thoughts on “A G.lamour Don’t!

  1. I totally would have told you. I am just one of those people that wants to ‘help’ everyone. Even when I don’t get good reception.


    I figure what goes around, comes around.


  2. Because I am always thankful when someone gives me the heads up to the spinach in the teeth or the gruesome stain or the toilet paper on my shoe situation…I would have said something about your pants.

  3. @ Heather and TravelDiva – I sure wish y’all had been around! Good to know you would’ve said something. I too am a “helper.” Have a great weekend! 🙂

  4. I usually say things about faux paus that people can fix. (Tag showing, food in teeth, hair out of place). But if it’s not a friend of mine, I don’t usually say things about stuff people can’t fix (paint stains on the back of a jacket, hole in back of jeans, bird poop in hair… LOL!)

    People probably assumed you knew it was there, but that still sucks. 😛

  5. @ T – I never thought of it from that perspective, makes sense. And don’t tell anybody . . . but I thought I was pretty sharp that day! 🙂 In retrospect it is probably a good thing I didn’t know.

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