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Making a List, Checking it Twice

I love lists!  One of my greatest joys when packing for a trip is making my travel lists – things I need to buy before I can pack, what I will pack, what I did pack – I love it! 

It’s mid-July, my China trip is in November.  I’ve already started my “to buy” list.  If I buy one thing a month, our budget won’t go into shock, and I’ll have everything I need.

My list so far is pretty short – I don’t think I’ll actually need to buy a lot, and once I buy the things on this list, I should be pretty well set for any future travels.

  • A warm jacket.  I’m not taking my “good coat” and none of my jackets are warm enough for the chilly temperatures we’ll be encountering.  I’m going for function over fashion on this one, and will be ordering this jacket (in black) from L.ands End today.
  • Walking shoes.  I only wear tennis shoes to the gym, but realize that I’m going to have to buy a sturdy pair for all of the walking we’ll be doing.  I’m thinking something along the lines of these.
  • A new toiletry bag.  Creole in DC actually posted one a couple of days ago that I’ve been eyeing for a while.  It is from LL B.ean.  I’m going with the medium in gold.
  • A backpack.  The China trip is a tour, we’ll be doing a lot of walking, and will likely spend quite a bit of time away from our hotel rooms (which is really the whole point, isn’t it?)  I like backpacks for trips like these, my old one finally gave out about two years ago, and the time has come for its replacement.  I can’t believe I’m considering a N.orth Face based solely on popularity, but I am.  I’ll test a few before I make my final decision.

Are you a list-maker?  Do you make travel-lists?  Do you have any recommendations for/against any of the things I’m considering?

Happy Trails to You!


8 thoughts on “Making a List, Checking it Twice

  1. OMG! I absolutely friggin’ LOVE lists. Mainly because I’m so forgetful. Lists are my saving grace. I have a post it noted taped to the back of my door everyday of the week. Don’t forget lunch, sunglasses, snack mix, bus card. Everything.

    I also love making lists for shopping. I oftentimes come up with things in my head that don’t exactly exist in the stores (Like a white maxi dress, for example) So when I find them in the stores and cross them off my lists, it’s SO exciting!!!

  2. Hey. I love making lists. I already started making a list but I haven’t planned my trip yet. I am thinking about going out and getting a backpack so I can check some things off it. 🙂 Good luck!

  3. @ T – I am the post-it queen! Seriously, I have them all over the place at work – I try not to bring my madness home. My boss is always commenting on my “unorthodox system.” And I know exactly what you mean re: things that don’t exactly exist – I carry a book in purse with a whole list full of those elusive goodies!

    @ Supermaskinen – Welcome! Where are you going?

  4. I LOVE reading other people’s lists, but I NEVER make lists of my own! LOL
    I’m VERY disorganized and I usually don’t pack until the night before a trip. I’m going to L.A (it’s no China! 🙂 next week so I might consider making a list prior to just throwing some things in a suitcase at the last minute. I think procrastinators like myself ever make lists. I soooo want to be like you guys!!!

  5. @ BGG – I am the biggest procrastinator in the world, but I love my lists! You sound like my husband – his last minute packing actually makes me nervous! Have fun in La-la land – stop by Roscoe’s and enjoy two wings and a waffle if you are so inclined. 🙂

  6. SL – Thanks for the recommendation – I’m checking those out even as I type this. They don’t carry the women’s in my size, but if the men’s fit, I may go with those.

    OMG – this is the company that makes what my younger brother refers to as my dad’s “Jesus adventure sandals!” LOL!

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