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Weekend Recap

  • Took Lovegirl to a birthday party Saturday.  At 3pm.  At a park.  In July.  In Mississippi.  Yep, I was all kinds of grumpy and hot.  So not a good idea.  I’ve got two words for you next year sweetie – pool party.
  • Saturday night I went to a surprise 40th for one of my coworkers.  Everyone was asked to dress in black, white, or a combination thereof.  Some of those jokers were straight big pimpin’ in their white suits and matching hats!  The party was really nice, and there was a lot of love in the room which is always great.  Had a good time, but I just can’t hang anymore – how can I possibly still be feeling the effects of a Saturday night party on Monday morning?!?!  I drank one beer and danced a lot.  I feel like I’ve been run over with a steamroller.
  • Sunday I did not go to church.  I stayed in the bed until 9 which was quite lovely.  I grocery shopped, cooked, did a little cleaning, and chilled.  I did manage to make it to Target and bought Lovegirl a uniform skirt. 
  • Speaking of uniforms, she’s got enough stuff to make it through exactly one week. I’m going to buy her two more ‘fits – and that should hold her until cooler weather arrives.  Oh, and I have to buy patches for her shirts.  I sure hope they’re iron-on . . .
  • My kid has been getting downright jazzy with me lately.  And by jazzy I mean smart-mouthed and/or giving me looks.  You know that slow, look you up and down, like you want to fight look.  Yep, that one.  The first time she gave it to me was last Friday in a department store – I told her to put a bottle of lotion down.  She did.  And promptly stamped her foot, crossed her arms, said “hmph”, and gave me the look.  OMG!  I am still waiting for the police to pull up at my door.  I exposed her little brown cheeks and proceeded to give her a nice little spanking right there in front of the Kiehl’s display.  I couldn’t believe my child was acting this way – and thought surely that spanking effectively took care of that behavior.  Not.  She gave me that same look yesterday at home.  I had to walk away.  I just walked away.  I gave her a nice little lecture after I cooled off, but I’m pretty sure she’s going to get at least one more spanking behind “the look.”  I’ll be totally honest – I wasn’t expecting this type of attitude for another 10 years or so.  Looks like I’m going to have to gear up for battle a whole lot sooner!

Guess that’s about it.  Hope your week is off to a great start!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. You can buy uniforms from Target?? I went to that store in the mall that they told us to go to and all the shorts were too big for him, but we bought them anyway. Tim said that we could buy them from anywhere, but I didn’t believe him. DANG! I might have to take them back. I have to go back because I forgot to buy one to leave for the change of clothes that they have to have. Hmmmm, I wonder if I could find some cargo pants?????

    You’re getting “the look?” So am I, but I get the “angry face.” And the “I’m not your best friend anymore.” I see that this is going to be an uphill battle.

  2. Psonya – To paraphrase Obama – yes you can! I asked Ms. D and she said the only thing that had to come from the uniform place was the jumper and tie for chapel. I don’t know what the boys wear to chapel . . . Most of her stuff has come from Target – I did buy her some shirts from Academy as well.

    She can give “the look” better than I can! And she loves to tell me that she doesn’t love me – only Daddy.

    Hurry up and get to Target – the uniforms are on sale through Saturday. And they have adjustable waistbands.

  3. I don’t have kids yet, but the other day my fiance’s niece gave me the look and I was shocked! I gave her “my look” right back and then her sass turned into fear and she went running because she knew I was about to light her legs up, lol. I see this is something to look forward to when I have kids!

  4. Oh, honey, please. How old is she? Is she communicating secretly long-distance with my 5-year-old? There is a lot of arm crossing, foot stomping and sassin’ back at our house these days, and I am beyond tired of it. I met up with the parents of 3 of her friends at the playground this weekend and we all shared stories of the mouthiness and extreme criticalness of our kids — all of them are 5, of both sexes. “Nothing you do makes them happy,” one mom said.

    “All I get is, ‘You’re so mean,’ ” said another.

    Yes! When did I get so mean? It seems like everything I do is for her and yet when I won’t play with her because I am collapsed on the couch because I am so pregnant and out of breath, she says “You are so mean!”

    I don’t blame you for smacking her. Working your nerves!

  5. @ Therapeutic – Girl, the part that scares me is that my look doesn’t faze her in the least! I was really quite proud of my “mean mug” until I realized it has no effect on her at all! Maybe you need to teach me yours?

    @ Lisa – They just may be communicating as her latest request was for a cell phone! My girl is three – she’ll be four in September if she makes it that long 🙂 I just don’t think I ever acted like this – or else my mother wasn’t entirely . . . forthcoming about her child raising abilities and techniques!!

  6. Light her up, Nerd Girl. My girl never went through that phase, but the boys….yeah. We started early. Now at 9 and 8 it isn’t quite as bad as the kids in my class.

    It’s a battle. You will win.

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