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Free, Free, Set Them Free!

Lovegirl’s school is closed to prepare for the new academic year.  They closed on Thursday the 31st and will reopen on Tuesday, the 5th. 

Her sitter Ms. D agreed to watch her yesterday and today, but told me that she wouldn’t be able to keep her on Monday, as she needed to get her own child ready for school and was taking next week off.  So I put in to be off on Monday and have been trying to figure out what Lovegirl and I were going to do for our 3-day weekend.  Well, when I picked Lovegirl up yesterday, Ms. D said that she can keep Lovegirl on Monday – she’s just going to close for the latter portion of the week.

I think I heard angels singing.  I believe I proposed marriage to Ms. D.  Seriously.

You already know I’m not going to work on Monday right?  I am heady with excitement!  Whatever shall I do with my free, childless day?  Please know, I love my girl – dearly.  But oh, the joy of a free day is almost more than my heart can bear. 

I think I’m going to:

  • get up at the crack of dawn and drop her off with Ms. D
  • go out to breakfast mmmm . . . pancakes, coffee and the newspaper
  • take a short spin class
  • catch a movie (any non-Hancock suggestions???)
  • head home and take a nap
  • pick Lovegirl up around 5:30
  • go to the gym for Latin Dance
  • call it a day

What do you do when you have a free day?


6 thoughts on “Free, Free, Set Them Free!

  1. I sleep! On every free day I hide out in my room and stay in bed watching tv. Normally my parent’s don’t discover me until late afternoon and then they drag me out of the room 🙂 But when I move out….oh boy I’m going to do a 24-hour bed-a-thon!

  2. I would tell you what I do, but then you wouldn’t talk to me anymore. 😉


    Your days sounds WONDERFUL. I hope you have a great one!

  3. Have you seen Batman? If not, if should be on your to-do list. Be warned that it’ll take up 3 hours of your free day. Also, you might want to just wait and go with Smoochy to see that one ’cause the suspense is SO SERIOUS.

    I’m happy for your free day. I have one on Friday. It was LOVE-ly!

  4. I watch movies all day or go to an African Dance class. Or cook dinner for hubby. Or lay out in Central park with the grass between my toes…options are limitless…

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