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Isn’t It Ironic?

It’s like rain on your wedding day.  Like a free ride when you’ve already paid.

You know the day of bliss I was so looking forward to?   The one that had me filled with glee?  So giddy that my size 12’s barely touched the ground last week?

I got sick. 

I never get sick.  Well, I may have an allergy attack at the first of spring, and an occasional winter cold, but really, I hardly ever get sick.

Saturday morning I felt so bad that all I could do was point Lovegirl downstairs to hang out with her father.  I woke up feverishly hot every four hours, downed another alka seltzer plus, and went back to sleep.  Sunday, I felt better, but not good.  Apparently taking such a copious amount of alka seltzer plus and not eating anything is not such a great idea.  So now, I’m hot, congested and a little sick to my stomach.  Lovegirl’s whining about not going anywhere “So we’re not going anywhere because you’re sick?  That’s not fair.”  Don’t talk fair to me little girl – I’d planned out eating breakfast by myself at a slow leisurely pace tomorrow morning!    The phone rang all day, and I pretty much ignored it.  Until Pserendipity called – I probably sounded like a raving lunatic – sorry honey –  blame it on the cold medicine!!

Anyhoo, Monday morning I dropped Lovegirl off with Ms. D and went home to liquor myself up with NyQuil at 4 hour intervals.    But I’m not bitter that my me-cation (thanks Yolanda, I love it!) was ruined by a summer cold.  Not at all.

Isn’t it ironic?


3 thoughts on “Isn’t It Ironic?

  1. It’s like good advice that you just can’t take..

    Oh. Wait. Sorry.

    Love that song.

    I am so sorry that you were sick on your day. That just means you’ll get another. Soon, I hope!


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