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She’s a 4!

This morning, Lovegirl was up before the crack of dawn.  Really, it was still dark outside.  She was ready to put on her “outfit” (that’s uniform, honey) and go to school. 

Sure, she was excited about going to school, but got even more excited when I told her that she was no longer a “3,” she’d be moving to the “4s.”  Her eyes got wide and she said “Mama, the 4s are sooo big!  Am I big now?”  Well, you’re bigger than you were yesterday and smaller than you’ll be tomorrow.  Yeah, that answer didn’t go over so well with her either.

Anyhoo, the hair is cornrowed and beaded (you have not seen such head tossing since Bo D.erek frolicked on the beach with her cornrows!), the uniform was ironed, and well, when I said “smile,” this is what I got:


5 thoughts on “She’s a 4!

  1. Thanks y’all! She wanted to wear her “other” clothes to school this week, and when I told her that the outfits, uniforms, were mandatory she told me that at least we could change up the colors of her barettes and hair ties. Rock on my little diva! 🙂

    @J Fergie – She LOVES school, had a great first day, and absolutely loves being a 4 though she is still a little concerned that they moved her before her birthday.

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