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Who You Wit?

 That picture to the left?  Cullen Jones.  First African American to ever win a gold in an Olympic swimming event (4x100m relay).  Did you see it?  One of the best relays I’ve seen in a long time – awesome!




That picture to the left?  Bernie Mac.  Hands down, one of the funniest comics ever!  I was so excited when the “Kin.gs of Comedy” tour came to Jackson shortly after Smoochy and I were married and I had the opportunity to see Mr. Mac in person.  That man was hilarious and will be sorely missed.  My favorite Mac bit?  Has to be “milk and cookies!”  RIP Mr. Mac.



That picture to the left?  Isaac Hayes was a bad mother . . . shut yo mouth!  Hot Buttered Soul, Shaft, and Black Moses are among his better known records.  You remember records don’t ya?  The younger among us will almost certainly remember him as the voice of Chef of S.outh Park.  RIP Mr. Hayes.



So, on this Monday morning, that’s who I’m with.  Three black men.  One living, two who have passed on.  All history makers in their own right.


3 thoughts on “Who You Wit?

  1. That’s great that you included the gold medalist. It’s good to get some good news after all the news of death this weekend.

    Congrats to him!

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