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Back 2 School

A few months ago I applied to a master’s program at Ole Miss.  I need to re-take the GRE, but they’re granting me conditional admission so that I can start this Fall.  Which they just told me today. Yippee.  Or not. 

School starts Monday.  I am so not ready.

I need to:

  • Clean my house.  I can’t go back to school with a cluttered house/desk/mind.  I will work like a Hebrew slave this week to get at least two of the aforementioned things uncluttered. 
  • Buy books.  So not in the budget.  Guess we’ll eat PB&J until October.
  • Fix computer/buy a new computer.  Again, so not in the budget.  Make that PB&J until November . . .
  • Find someone to watch my child.  Umm yeah, I need childcare twice a week for the next 4 months and then once a week for another year and a half.  What was I saying about a budget?????  We’ll be eating PB&J until Lovegirl’s freshman year!!

I am rapidly approaching freak-out mode!  I’d better call Smoochy and see if he’s got any words of wisdom or suggestions.


5 thoughts on “Back 2 School

  1. Thanks for the support y’all. I am really not feeling this, but hope that changes once I get back in the swing of things. I don’t know why I do this – I’ve been talking about going back to school, but now that it is time, I’m “blah” about it.

    PSerendipity – this one is in Higher Ed. Administration with a concentration in Student Services.

  2. this is fate! I just saw some recipes for PB&J, somewhere, but i can’t find them now. and yes, it makes it easier when the house is in order but i think once you get in the groove of going to class it’ll be all gravy.

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