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Ready or Not – Here He Comes!

And by “he,” I mean Hurricane Gustav.  Technically, I believe little Gus is still a tropical storm, but for all I’ve been hearing about him, I’m going to go ahead and bestow the title hurricane on him. 

Gustav is expected to hit the U.S. on Monday or Tuesday.  Of course, the meterologists cannot tell us exactly when or where he’ll hit, but it looks like he may be coming this way.

Here we go again.

To prepare for Gustav’s arrival, tonight I am going to do the following:

  • High tail it to WalM.art and stock up on non-perishables.  Crackers, peanut butter, dried fruit, cereal, extra water and juice boxes are among the things I’ll be buying.  We’ve got a pretty good supply of canned vegetables and since we don’t ever eat canned veggies unless the power is out, I won’t be adding to our stash.  I’ll also buy another flashlight, extra batteries, and a new coloring book for Lovegirl just in case we have to rough it without lights for a few days. 
  • Top my gas tank off.  I filled up on Tuesday, and still have more than 3/4 of a tank, but Katrina taught me a lesson.  I’m refueling every other day until Gustav passes us by.  I noticed that gas prices have already jumped from $3.35 to $3.40 in the last day.
  • Get cash.  I try to keep a little money stashed around the house in case ATMs aren’t working.  I’m going to add to my stash. 
  • Wash clothes.  And this one may just be me.  But there is nothing worse than a hamper full of funky clothes, no air conditioning/ceiling fan to circulate the air, and a humidity level of 99.99 percent.  Trust me on this one!

I generally try to stay pretty prepared for an emergency, but there’s always something that needs to be done, something that needs to be bought. 

Are you ready if something heads your way?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Get down on it. 

For more tips on emergency preparedness, check out the following sites:

www.ready.gov, www.fema.gov, www.redcross.org

Stay safe, be blessed.  Pray that Gustav does not come this way or that if he does he really is just a storm that drops a little rain and goes along his merry way!


6 thoughts on “Ready or Not – Here He Comes!

  1. I hope that everything goes well. I didn’t even know about that storm until today. I guess we’re too far inland.

    I notice that your purchased make sence. My husband laughs at his customers (not like, out loud in their face) but when we are threatened with an ice storm or something that could knock out power, they will buy milk, brownie mix, ice cream, beer, cigarettes…

  2. You all will definitely be in my prayers.

    I just read your recap from years past. Bwoy! That was heavy. I wish I was blogging, journaling or something when Katrina happened. My little sister was a student a Xavier and was displaced. She’s fine, but she lost all her possessions and a semester of school trying to piece it back together.

    I also love how you called the storm “hypnotically beautiful.” In all my reading about Katrina, I’ve never heard it described in that way. Being from Chicago, storms are just nuisances in our day and we typically prefer them over earthquakes or hurricanes, but as you know from the news midwest tornodos can be devastating as well.

    I’m babbling. Anyway, great recap in 2006 and 2007 and best wishes weathering the storm this year. God bless!

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