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Hey Y’all!

Happy Tuesday morning!

Thanks for all of the well wishes.  Bless God, Hurricane Gustav did little more around here than make it a gloomy, rainy weekend.  I am ever so grateful that we didn’t get any storm damage, a repeat of Katrina, etc., etc.

Lovegirl was not so pleased with Gustav’s appearance, no matter how trite.  She was scheduled to attend a birthday party on Monday which was cancelled.  Try explaining that one to an almost four year old.  “That’s right sweetie, no birthday party because of the weather.”  “Mama, it is not even raining.  Let’s go!” 

Classes started last week.  I think I’m going to enjoy the program, but it is going to take me a minute to get my mind right – papers, and tests, and lit reviews – oh joy!

My home computer is dead, and until it is fixed, I’ll be posting strictly from work.  During lunch hours only.  Of course.  *Cough, cough.*  So please forgive the frequency – or lack of – posts for the next few days.  Weeks?

Be well.  Have a great week!!


4 thoughts on “Hey Y’all!

  1. How is it without a home computer. I can live without cable, I might even be able to go without a radio signal, but if I couldn’t get on the computer at home, I’d seriously go out of my mind.

  2. BGG – You and me both. My heart goes out to those that did suffer damage. I can’t believe we’ve got three more hurricanes coming in the next few weeks!

    T – It really isn’t that bad. Mostly because I am on a lot at work. During breaks. Of course 🙂

    Yolanda – How right you are! Thanks – my procrastination is not serving me well – I’ve definitely got to get in the swing of things!

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