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Happy Birthday Lovegirl!

Birthday morning pic

Four years ago today, I gave birth to my life’s greatest joy.  Like any first time parent, I didn’t know what to expect, but was definitely looking forward to our lives together.

Four years later, I can definitely say that God has blessed us with one of the best kids ever!  Lovegirl is funny, she’s sarcastic (wonder where she got that??), she’s smart as a whip, she is loving, she’s full of energy, most days she’s rather eat broccoli than an oreo (I know, right?), she loves music – from the partying shenanigans of her back yard friends the B.ackyardigans to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Fred H.ammond, to B.eyonce and C.iara – she loves it all. 

Right now she’s obsessed with speaking Spanish.  If you do something for her, be prepared to hear “gracias,” and if she does something for you, you’ll definitely hear “de nada.”  She also likes to toss out “pardone” and “con permiso” on occasion.  She’s can count from uno to diez and is working on once to viente.  Her writing is coming along pretty well – she can write her name, but doesn’t like to write the letter “k” and will tell me “I saved the K for you Mama – sharing is caring.”  Umm yeah, you little con artist. 

She brings joy every day.

This has been the best 48 months of my life.  Thank you God for putting Lovegirl in our lives.

Happy Birthday Mama’s Baby Big Girl!!!

What?  Doesn’t everyone play in shaving cream while wearing a purple pom pom headband?

To brush or not to brush?  She brushed (eventually)!

My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!

Mama’s meatloaf – gotta love it!  The okra?  Not so much.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lovegirl!

  1. Happy Birthday Lovegirl!! She was looking all happy and cheery at school this morning hollering “Hey Aidan’s mama!!”

    P.S. Please don’t send Elmo up to the school birthday party and scare all the kids to death. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to Lovegirl!! How sweet is this post? 🙂
    Just reading it made me want to have kids even more. I often think about what parenthood will be like for me one day, and what you’ve written sounds just like how I’d like to feel!

  3. Thanks all! She had a great birthday – is very excited about being 4 – and is already looking forward to 5! I’m not sure I can take “is it almost September 8?” for the next 364 days 🙂

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