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Help me!

Nurse at pediatrician’s office:  Hey sweetie, how have you been?
Lovegirl:  My name is not sweetie.  My name is Lovegirl Middle Name Last Name.  But you can call me Lovegirl, okay?


Doctor:  Can she read?
Lovegirl:  Yes, I can.
Nerd Girl:  No, not yet.
Lovegirl:  Yes, I can.  I read every night.  Doctor, why are you asking my mama and not me?  I know what I can do.


Nerd Girl:  How was school today?
Lovegirl:  Oh, it was great, today was chapel.
Nerd Girl:  What did you all do in chapel?
Lovegirl:  We sang “Father Abraham.”
Nerd Girl (singing):  Father Abraham has many sons, and many sons has Father Abraham . . .
Lovegirl (interrupting):  Mama, I told them we need new song.  I am not a son.  I’m a daughter!

Seriously, a smart mouth is not a good look on an almost 36 year old woman (ahem!), it definitely doesn’t go well with a newly minted 4 year old.  I don’t discipline her though, because she’s right,  and honestly,  I think it is funny.   But I don’t want her to continue – at this rate, no one will talk to her by the time she’s five.  Any suggestions on how to get her to soften her delivery?  Are y’alls children – by birth or otherwise – like this??


7 thoughts on “Help me!

  1. Not a smart mouth….ok maybe a little. Like you said, she is speaking the truth. I was/am Lovegirl……so is my 5 yr old. I am tickled inside, but I can’t show her. But I do tell her, “Princess, you can’t go tellin’ EVERY SINGLE THING.” Then I go in another room and crack up.

  2. Aw man. Kids are hilarious. I only have two nieces, who are really shy and reserved, so I don’t really have any advice for you.

    My youngest niece is inquisitive though, which I think is a good thing. She asked my sister why Jesus is always wearing a dress. LOL!

    Thanks for the laughs!

  3. I think at 4, it’s forgivable. She’ll learn over time to be more…I don’t know…respectful? I guess that’s the way I would talk about it if you really do want to get her to be less of a straight-talker. Do you ever talk to her about the difference between talking to kids and talking with adults?

    I understand where you’re coming from, but at the same time I love it that Lovegirl is so self-confident and I know you don’t want to squelch that in her.

    My 5-year-old is extremely, PAINFULLY honest with folks sometimes, and she is really a critical thinker, which I like. If something doesn’t make sense to her, she says so. She is also really empathetic, though, so you can explain to her that she can’t be as honest as she likes all the time because she might hurt someone’s feelings. She gets that, so she does (sometimes) think before she speaks. One of the things I heard my husband say constantly over the summer was: “Your mouth can get you in trouble, so think about what you say.” She was being a bit of a smartmouth at home, and we had to put her in check.

    In your situation, I think it would be difficult to explain to her why people might think she’s being rude. It’s very subtle.

    I just read back over this and I don’t know that it’s helpful at all! But it’s a good discussion – I’m interested to see what others say…

  4. I, too, think it’s hillarious, however my 3 and 4 yr olds never see or hear me laugh. As a 4yr old, she can get away with it, but at 6, it may become a problem with her 1st grade teacher. I think now is the perfect time to encourge lovegirl’s thinking and challenging of things she doesn’t understand, but just as previous readers suggested, begin to discuss with her the difference between talking to adults and talking to other children. Also try things like, “its ok to say that to mommy, but not to strangers.”

  5. It’s the balance y’all. Parenting is all about balance. Y’all are right – she’s right, it is funny, and I don’t laugh in front of her. And I don’t want to squelch her personality and make her into a meek and mild child when that is obviously so not her. I just don’t want her mouth writing checks her behind can’t cash as my mama would say. I’m going to try to tap into her compassionate side and let her know that she may hurt people’s feelings when she talks “jazzy.” Thanks for the feedback!!!

  6. Too funny! You have to point out when they’re mean and try to get them to not be rude to adults, but other than thet they are feeling the world out and using what they learn. Little kids are very literal and what comes off as sassy is usually them just telling it like it is. They haven’t learned nuance yet.

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