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Random Thoughts on a Monday Morning

  • There has been a boat stuck (run aground?) in the Reservoir for at least 5 weeks.  It is just chillin’ in the water, up against the rocks.  Why haven’t the owners of Semper Fi II gotten that thing out of there?  Surely the insurance adjustor has come and gone by now? 
  • I really had to exercise self control in the grocery store Saturday.  The cashier looked at the fruit I was purchasing and asked “are these oranges?”  Please note, these were regular, orange, navel oranges.  Not tangerines, not tangelos, kumquats, or anything “exotic.”  Regular plain oranges.  I was like “yes, those are oranges.”  Then I looked at her name tag.  I lie not – the girl’s name was Valencia.  I thought I would die laughing right there in check out lane #7.  Your name is Valencia and you’re not sure an orange is an orange.  Priceless!
  • It’s almost time for my China trip.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!  I hope Lovegirl and Smoochy make it for two weeks on their own.   Since Smoochy has been driving trucks, he’s a little removed from the day-to-day household activities.  Should be interesting . . . I’m sure Lovegirl will keep him on the right track.  Or totally lead him down the wrong path.
  • Tailgating me does not make me go faster.  It produces the opposite effect.  If I’m in the left land, and I look in my rearview mirror and see you coming up quickly, I will change into the right lane.  If however, you are so close that I think your windshield wiper is my rear windshield wiper and I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to turn my wiper off  and figure out how it was turned on in the first place before realizing you are just that close to me – I will become passively aggressively enraged and refuse to move, speed up, or anything else that you would like me to do. I’m just saying.
  • I hope they take pictures at school this year.  They are ridiculously overpriced, but the thought of my having to wrestle with Lovegirl to be still, be quiet, and generate a genuine smile at the local W Mart picture studio made the cost well worth it last year.
  • It’s Fall Y’all – my favorite time of the year!  The fair will be here Wednesday, the temperatures are falling, and the big 3-6 is right around the corner.  Love it!

That’s it.  I hope y’all had a great weekend and have a great week ahead.


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on a Monday Morning

  1. I was wondering that same thing. The Semper Fi is stuck like Chuck, I guess.

    I’m not a fall person, but I’ve been a fan this past week. I can’t wait on the fair! YAY! This weekend at Tim’s, I was thinking that I can’t wait on Thanksgiving. Scrambling round cooking while the kids play and Tim spends hours on end trying to fry a turkey. Good times!

    Lovegirl and Smoochy together for two weeks? Uh oh.

  2. Pserendipity – What’s up Ms. Lasagna? I have been cracking up all weekend over that. What time should Lovegirl and I be there for the fried turkey?!? And yeah, should be an interesting two weeks – I wish I could be a fly on the wall!

    Yolanda – Seriously, all I can think of is how ready to go I am! If it is this bad a month out I will be unbearable in the next few days 🙂

  3. Living life is a beautiful thing but on occasion it can be such a pain in the b-u-t-t. (I’m embarassed. I have to keep reading to figure out this China thing. Forgive my slackerness.)

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