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Bravo, BRAVO. Not!

I may not have ever revealed that I LOVE Pro.ject R.unway on the B.RAVO network.  I love this show.  I can’t sew, I don’t really care about fashion, but this is one of the two reality shows I really dig.  The other is B.iggest L.oser. 

Do y’all watch this show?  Did you see it last night?  I cannot believe they kicked Suede off the show and that little snit AKA Kenley has made it to yet another round of competition.  The challenge last night was to design an outfit based on a musical theme for one of the other designers (they drew names). 

Suede had to design a rock and roll outfit for Jerrell.  This is what he came up with:rate_511_jerell.jpg

 Now, while I do agree with the judges’ in that the outfit could’ve been wilder and more out there given the genre was rock and roll, I totally disagree with the decision to send Suede home instead of Kenley.

Kenley had to design a hip hop outfit for Leanne.  This is what she came up with: rate_511_leanne.jpg

Seriously?  How is this hip hop?  How is this even good craftsmanship?  Look at the c.rotch on those pants.  LL Cool J was the guest judge for pete’s sake – he said it wasn’t hip hop.  If he doesn’t know, then who does???!?

If you had to eliminate one of the designers, who would you have sent home?

I can’t believe I just did a post about a reality show.  But I did!  You may now return to your regularly scheduled blogging . . .


3 thoughts on “Bravo, BRAVO. Not!

  1. I love project runway. I watched last night and spent the whole night texting my friends. I agree Suede didnt totally rock that outfit but it was well made. That mess Kenley came up with was so poorly made its sad. The old gold buttons were twisted to the side and the seat of the pants were saggy. Goes to show if you show your behind on these shows you stick around talent be damned. She had no idea what hip hop was/is. She also has the worse habit of laughing when others are being judged. I would totally lose it on her because that is just rude. She makes the same dress everytime and discounts anything anyone says.

    ** sidenote You could see all of Jerrel’s junk in that outfit. I do mean ALL***

  2. I don’t think I’ve had cable since I started blogging back in March (I only keep my cable through the end of football season, lol), but now that I do, I’m totally back to be addicted to TV.

    Yes, I saw project runway last night and I agree that the hip-hip chic should have been eliminated. The problem is that I haven’t seen the last 7 or 8 episodes, so I couldn’t tell if Suede had been wack up until this point or not.

    Based on watching it last season (with fierce Christian), the Project Runway judges are extremely biased, which I hate. They hold everything you did in weeks past against you and if you’re good they take that into consideration when you eff up. It’s not really fair. I think each challenge should be it’s own thing. Don’t keep bringing up old ish, but whatever, it’s intriguing and I’ll keep watching.

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