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Monday Again? More Random Thoughts!

  • I am so ashamed – I fell asleep on the debate Friday.  I had everything ready – Lovegirl was in the bed, my snacks were set out, I had my telephone in my lap . . . and before they started answering the second question, I was knocked out.  How was it?
  • Did I really hear a song on the radio this weekend whose lyrics included “she got that hottentot?”  Has anyone else heard this?  I didn’t know whether to be proud that they knew enough history to reference the Hottentot Venus in their hot mess of a song, or whether to cry.  Somebody pass the kleenex!
  • Do you know how hard it is to wash sand out of a little kid’s head?  Lovegirl and I went to Wellsfest on Saturday (after the requisite Saturday bday party, of course) and that girl had the time of her life – playing in a huge pile of sand.  Who knew?  Best $4 I’ve spent in a long time – admission was free, we paid a dollar for two turns in the space jump, fifty cents to get her face painted, a dollar for a cotton candy, and two dollars for a sweet tea for moi.  Yeah, I just did the math – make that the best $4.50 I’ve spend in a long time!
  • Friday is my Mom’s 60th birthday.  I have no idea what to get a woman who wants and needs for nothing.  I don’t want to get her stuff for the sake of stuff.  Any ideas?  I know y’all don’t know here, but maybe you can help me think “outside the box!”
  • Darn drug rep – I did so well for breakfast this morning – a whole wheat english muffin, lightly toasted and a cup of coffee.  Then this joker shows up with free Chick Fil A – I couldn’t resist!  Not that I tried very hard . . .
  • Gotta get to work.  Happy Monday everyone.  Make it a great week!!!

4 thoughts on “Monday Again? More Random Thoughts!

  1. I’m pretty predictable when it comes to gifts. I always get my mom a spa gift certificate, tickets to a show or a gift certificate to White House/Black market (her favorite store). She always appreciates it.

    The debate was good. Barack really brought it. I’d argue he did much better here than he did in the democratic debates. McCain did well too, except for the fact that he was lying at least 50% of the time when he was speaking. I hope most people will fact check both candidates before just listening to the “key messages” they say given to them by their political PR team.

    Have a fab week!

  2. I didn’t see the debate. I just wasn’t interested. No shame. I know who I’m voting for, I keep abreast of the issues, so yea. I’m good. That song sounds like a hot mess indeed, tsk, tsk. I do know how hard it is to get sand out of the hair. We went to the beach yesterday and two of my three decided to rub their heads in the sand. I was not pleased. I thought I was the only person who had a hard time shopping for their mom…good luck with that, heh.

  3. As much as I was looking forward to the debate, I didn’t make it through the whole thing either!! lol

    My sisters and I had a surprise b-day party for my mom’s 60th birthday. She was completely shocked and loved every minute of it!!

    Oh how I wish there was a Chick-Fil-A in my area. 😦

  4. Sand is the absolute WORST with hair. ETot hates his hair washed but guess who can’t help but throw loads of sand that gets stuck to his scalp anytime he sees sand of any sort. Chick fila is just pure delicious deep fried evil in a box. Don’t blame yourself, no one can resist its power.

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