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I Won The Lottery!

Finally the week that seemed like it would never end is just about over.  Thank goodness!

  • I am going to adopt the Palin approach and only talk about what I want to talk about, whether true or not.  All the time.  Seems to be working well for her.  So please know that any comments on your blog – or this one – may or may not be related to the actual post topic for that day.
  • As much as I like TI’s ‘W.hatever You Like’, I shall no longer listen to it when a certain 4 footer is in the car.  It was cute when she was singing “you can have whatever you liiiike.”  Her singing “I want your body I need your body” is not cute.  TI – no mas.
  • Blogging is amazing – I have met some truly lovely people through this medium.  A certain blogger who shall remain nameless (Pserendipity) really helped me out this week by watching Lovegirl so that I could get in some extra study time.  This is my public shout out – Thank You Pserendipity!!!!  You are a wonderful example of paying it forward and have reminded me to do so as well.
  • What should I do this weekend?  Take Lovegirl to the state fair or to the JSU v Southern football game???  I already know the fair is going to win this one – way less expensive. Besides, the game is probably sold out.  Those Southern fans are no joke.  Go Tigers!!!
  • My boss is nuts.  Just thought I’d throw that one out there.
  • This time next month?  I’ll be in China!
  • Happy 60th Birthday to the greatest Mama in the world – mine!!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend – enjoy this glorious weather 🙂

My latest favorite song?  Green Light by John L.egend w/Andre 3K – what an awesome duo!  I must have this album – love it.  Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “I Won The Lottery!

  1. Hey!! “I’m ready to go right now….I’m ready to go right now!” Love.It. That song goes so well with my one and only dance move.

    Oh, and I’m mad cause for a split second I was like “Mississippi has a lottery?” Duhhh.

    Aw, it is absolutely no problem watching Lovegirl-Boo. (I just love the way whe laughs uncontrollably when I call her that.) This morning she was giving me hugs and sugars and Aidan was like *side eye* you givin MY mama the sugars? Yeah, they’re gonna be BFFS.

  2. LOL! So it’s a figurative winning instead of a literal winning? That T.I. song is just too slow and lazy for me. I can’t stomach the video either. But the song with him and Rihanna is just HOT!

  3. lol I like the taking the Pallin approach- it also means no matter how many questions anyone asks you never give a direct answer. Should help you tons in your schoolwork 🙂

    That JSU Southern game is going to be bananas. I wish they televised more- of course you know the only part I’d watch is the halftime show. Happy Birthday to your Mom too!

    Greenlight I enjoy, however I’ve finally conceded that I’m getting old. I just don’t get T.I. I’ve tried and his music is just noise to me, oh well. I’ll sit here and enjoy my old school Hip Hop Honors marathon on VH1 Soul while holding onto my walker. 🙂

  4. Pserendipity – You show me your dance move, I’ll show you mine and that way we’ll both have two! Unless of course, we’ve already got the same one. I’ll pass the bday greetings along 🙂

    Los Angelista – Something about a man telling me that I can have whatever I like just works for me – no matter how slow he is in delivering the message. I don’t think I’ve heard the Rih-rih duet yet.

    T – Thanks! Hope you had a good one.

    Yolanda – The game was apparently big fun – Smoochy went with his friends, I ended up taking Lovegirl to the fair with some of my girlfriends and their children, so the weekend worked out well for all. Smoochy said the half time show was great – lots of back and forth teasing, etc. I can’t wait for the Hip Hop Honors – I’ll have to catch a rerun because of class tonight, but hope to see it before the week is out.

  5. China..how exciting!!
    Happy Birthday MUM!
    I’ve been bumpin that Dre and Legend song for the past month. It’s a refreshing take in a sea of hum drum R&B.
    And yes …blogging is dope..

  6. Get Togetha – I can hardly stand it! The only thing that bums me out is that I will be halfway across the world (and probably sleep) when Obama is elected President! I’ll pass the bday greeting along – thanks. Don’t get me started on the current state of music . . .

    Mango Mama – I just can’t do it – I cannot let radio go. I LOVE music too much! I’ve made a few “Lovegirl friendly” CDs that we usually listen to, but that FM dial just calls to me. Maybe one day I’ll be able to let it go?

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